Float Chiang Mai: The Joys of Being Alone in an Isolation Tank

Expanding Your Mind at Float Chiang Mai

You’ve tried Thai massages, yoga, pilates and meditation, but what about the next big craze in the world of relaxation? Yes, we’re talking about isolation tanks! They’re dark, mysterious and beloved by celebrities and now you can get in on the act in Thailand. Float Chiang Mai is one hell of an experience!

They might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but isolation tanks are here to stay. Originally developed in the 1950’s by a scientist conducting research into sensory deprivation, they’re now used across the world by sportspeople and celebrities (*ahem* Joe Rogan) to increase mental focus and improve performance. Carl Lewis even used a flotation tank to prepare for his gold medal long jump at the 1988 Olympics! So what’s the deal with these weird and wonderful machines?

Float Chiang Mai isn’t Your Traditional Spa

The rooms that house isolation tanks look very much like normal spa rooms, and in fact many spas do have their own tank. The big difference is that instead of a massage table in the middle you’ll see a space age-style pod with a lid that hinges open.

Inside the pod is warm salt water just waiting for you to float. Once you’ve climbed in, the lid is shut and you’re left in total darkness. Is it scary? Surprisingly enough, no! It’s as close as we humans can get to returning to a sensory-free state, and you feel the stresses of modern life ebbing away as you enjoy a deep, restful relaxation.

Isolation tanks at Float Chiang Mai

Why should you float?

Spending time suspended in the warm water is great for a range of issues, both physical and mental. Physical problems like joint pain and high blood pressure are improved, and people who suffer from cramps and muscle inflammation report long-lasting benefits from spending time in the ‘zero gravity’ environment.

Your brain benefits too, with your mind being able to drift away to weird and wonderful corners of your brain that never normally get the time to shine. Regular isolation tank users report improved levels of concentration, reductions in stress levels and much better recall of memories.

Where is Float Chiang Mai?

For your first isolation tank visit, it’s best to go to a well-established center with knowledgeable staff. Float Chiang Mai is a great choice due to their clean, modern facilities and track record of helping customers get the most out of their tank experience. Located just past the Maya Mall on Huaykaew Road, they’re close to Nimman and can even accommodate a lunchtime float for people working at the CAMP coworking space!

Are isolation tanks safe?

Don’t worry, this is the most frequent question that people ask and the answer is a definite yes! The combination of dissolved Epsom salts, water filtration and on-site showers at Float Chiang Mai make sure that every float is hygienic and safe. The staff frequently use the tanks and will happily tell you that they wouldn’t get into a dirty tank, and neither should you!

Float Chiang Mai's sensory deprivation tanks

Well Worth the Baht

There are some great deals available at Float Chiang Mai, and the more floats you buy, the cheaper they get! If you want a sample session then go for a 30 minute trial for $20; subsequent sessions last between 1 and 2 hours and cost between $50 to $100.

Float in the black, you’ll never look back!

The physical and mental benefits that you’ll get from using isolation tank mean that your first session will by no means be your last. Head to Float Chiang Mai, jump in and get ready for a whole new invigorated you!

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