Flip Cup Rules! How to Play Flip Cup, Our Favorite Drinking Game

The Bodega Guide on How to Play Flip Cup Like a Boss

So, you’re here to learn how to play flip cup? Or maybe you just want to brush up on the standard set of flip cup rules? It’s a staple drinking game found at most hostels, so make sure you know how to play!

Let me guess: You played a few games and completely sucked, let down your teammates and cried yourself to sleep? Or you’re here to take your game to the next level? Either way, welcome to Bodega Hostels’ guide to dominating flip cup!

Before we start, you should know that after reading our ultimate guide to playing flip cup you will become dangerously good at flip cup. Your interest levels in taking tours around Bangkok will dwindle. You won’t care about the beaches of Koh Samui. All you’ll want to do is drink, flip and win. Because in the end winning is all that matters. And getting drunk, I guess.

flip cup in Chiang Mai hostel

Wetting the Whistle

Step one is simple. Like all good drinking games, you need social lubricant (alcohol) to get yourself started. Going into these situations sober is a poor decision and could lead to disastrous results. That said, don’t get completely hammered either.

No one wants a good game of flip cup ruined by someone tombstoning through the table.

Form an All-Star Flip Cup Team

Partnering up with a quality set of teammates is seriously important. This isn’t gym class, the biggest, gnarliest dude isn’t going to always win here. In fact, the quickest shotgunner I’ve ever seen was a tiny Texan girl who repeatedly dunked on wannabe drinkers. You need someone who can drink but also someone with precision and poise. They need to be able to flip.

Places for the Races

Setting up your team for success is important. Team building can be rough when drinking with strangers, but we have a few strategies to secure your win. Consider the following questions and you’ll be A-okay.

Do you want to go hard and have your quickest drinkers first to build up a lead or do you want to finish strong and, potentially, come back from behind? There are those who will vouch for both techniques. Find what works for you and your team. Sure, that might mean losing a few games, but you’ll be stronger for it.

Be Prepared

Yes, it’s the scouts’ motto but it works in flip cup too. Don’t break the rules and go touching the cup before it is your turn but be ready to grab it. When the person before you is drinking get your hand ready, fingers around (but not touching) the cup. Steady yourself, get a solid footing and be ready to pounce (figuratively speaking… don’t literally pounce on anyone…).

Down the hatch!

The focus here is emptying the cup. Into your mouth. The more beer that goes into the mouth the better but there’s always some spillage. Don’t worry, focus on the task at hand, drink it all. That’s it.

Flip Cup rules are simple.

Pick it up with one hand and bring it to the edge of the table. The amount of overhang depends entirely on your technique, you’ll find your own sweet spot with practice. But don’t be one of those people who lets the cup fall onto the floor before you even flip it once. And never try to flip it twice. You just look lame. If the flip doesn’t go well the first time then don’t panic. Reset and go again, ignore everyone else around you, ignore your teammates baying for your blood. Just reset and flip again. Get the cup upside down and resting on the table and your task is complete.

Cheer on your teammates!

Teamwork makes the dream work. Or some shit. It’s a team game so be supportive of them. You could shout something like, “You can do it!” or “Go Jean-Claude!” or “Flip the fucking cup you asshole!” any of them work really well. Hopefully you’ll all have drunk and flipped your cups before the other team. If you did, well done you win. If you didn’t, you lose and you must try harder.

How to Get Good at Flip Cup

This one is quite simple. Play, play and play again. Even if you don’t win, you’ll have a great time and you’ll get hammered drunk. Which is great. Go you!

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