Fishing in Thailand: The Best Places to Go Fishing for Beginners and Experts

Where to Go Fishing in Thailand to Haul in Big Catches

Are you one of the greatest fishermen who has ever graced this world looking to explore fishing in Thailand? Or have you never spent time grasping a rod and pulling in catch after catch? Either way, fishing holes, lakes, rivers and more are waiting for your arrival. Skipping out on fishing in Thailand is a rookie move and you’re no rookie, right?!

Spend even just an afternoon and you’re likely to bring in some serious catches. In recent years, more and more people have been flocking to the beautiful freshwater fishing zones. The fish they’re after? Prestigious catches such as Giant Carp, Arapaima and the Mekong Giant Catfish (which can weigh over 600 lbs)!

There are more than a few solid options depending on your fishing style. Going by yourself to a secluded location, find a private fishing spot or join a specific fishing tour where you’ll explore the country going from exclusive spot to exclusive spot. There are some also excellent tours that we’d suggest joining along with.

fishing hole in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Siam Fishing Tours

These guys set the standard when it comes to tours. They’re headed up by a trio of British expats with their Thai staff. The staff and managers are all absolutely obsessed with fishing and angling sports. That means that not only do they speak fantastic English, they know the very best places to go fishing in Thailand.

There are some excellent (albeit expensive) tour options. The all-inclusive day trips start from 3000 baht, 3 days at 10,000 baht (including all of the accommodation and food) and finally unbelievable two week fishing trips for a hefty 57,000 baht that allows you hotel stays and ten excellent days fishing.

If you’re looking to jump onto one of their tours, head towards Kanchanaburi province, Bungsamran, Hua Hin, Ratchaburi, Boon Mar Ponds as a starter. It’s not hard to get roped into fishing trip after fishing trip in Thailand, completely skipping out on the typical backpacker adventures!

big fishing in Thailand
New to fishing in Thailand? Head for Bungsamran

This is the place for first timers to fishing at all rather than just fishing in Thailand. It’s a private fishing park located in Bangkok that is absolutely massive and, incredibly, holds 10 IGFA world records for some of the biggest fishing catches ever recorded.

This isn’t a natural lake, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s full of over 50 different types of fish. Have a glance under the surface and you’ll see hundreds of fish. Never fished before? Don’t panic, you’ll be able to rent everything you’ll ever need and there are expert guides ready to show you where to fish. Unlucky enough to miss out on a fish, you’ll get your money completely back.

Furthermore, once you inevitably catch the fishing bug you’ll be able to buy all of your new exciting kit from the professional shop. There’s also an excellent restaurant that unsurprisingly sells some great fresh fish dishes whilst you enjoy the lake views.

fishing in Chiang Mai
Time to grab the rods and cast a line!

It’s not your usual Thailand activity but it’s certainly one that can be really enjoyed and is growing in popularity more and more every year. Jump on the fishing train and join the craze!

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