The Digital Nomads’ Guide to Thailand

Thailand is home to some of the tastiest cuisine in Asia and all over the globe. Aside from this, the country also has a rich culture with friendly people. These are only some of the reasons why the country is a popular tourist destination. However, with the technological innovations paving way for the emergence of digital nomads, Thailand has also been considered as their hub. As such, below are some of the things that a digital nomad must know should he or she opts to stay in Thailand.

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Internet Availability

The first thing that digital nomads look for when they decide to settle in another place is whether an internet connection is available, as well as whether it is stable and reliable. Fortunately, the internet is readily available in thailand for digital nomads, particularly in Bangkok wherein the average speed proves to be sufficient for most people. All around the city, there are several cafes which offer a decent and secure Wi-Fi connection. If your work requires more focus and you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city cafes, you can readily find amazing coworking spaces that not only provide you with a reliable internet connection, but offers various amenities as well.

Cost of Living

In general, the overall cost of living in the country is very reasonable. You can get a high end apartment for around a thousand dollars per month and this is already considered luxurious. On average, you can find a decent place to live for as low as a couple of hundred dollars per month. A full meal will cost you anywhere from 5 to 20 bucks, depending on where you eat. Rest assured that Thailand is renowned for its street food and hawkers, which is a guarantee that you won’t be left with an empty stomach.


Thailand is home to the friendliest people in the world such that Bangkok is even known as the Land of Smiles. It goes without saying that it is relatively safe to live in Thailand as a digital nomad. However, since the country is also a host to an immense number of tourists, pickpockets and bag snatchers are inevitable. Thus, be careful with your possessions, especially your laptop and documents. Nevertheless, should you require any form of assistance, you will be able to effectively communicate what you need because most of the locals understand the English language.

digital nomad in Thailand

More and more people are now venturing out into becoming digital nomads because why not? With reliable internet connectivity allowing people to be able to work anywhere they choose, as long as they deliver what their clients expect of them, then there should be no reason why people need to be confined in office cubicles. Some consider Thailand as their hub because the country is known to suit all the needs of digital nomads in terms of stable and fast internet connection, low cost of living, and of course, the picturesque scene of its city, as well as its beaches all over the country.

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