Sweet as Candy: Delicious Desserts at Chatuchak Market You Need to Try

5 Desserts at Chatuchak Market Every Tourist Should Experience

Chatuchak Market is probably the most famous market in Bangkok. Although it’s a far BTS ride from Bodega Bangkok, it’s totally worth it. The weekend market is huge and packed full of useful gadgets and incredible souvenirs, and most importantly an amazing amount of food. And with food, comes treats. Reward yourself with the local desserts at Chatuchak Market!

Everyone loves to eat street food in Thailand. The array of flavors always leaves you wanting more. That said, the sweeter side of things is often overlooked by tourists. That’s not the case for the local population, however, who love the sweeter side of things. Heading down to Chatuchak Market on a weekend gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the biggest market in Bangkok, as well as providing you with plenty of different desserts to try.

Grass Jelly

These drinks are the epitome of sugar. Red Bull, Monster, M150, Coke – take a seat, you can’t compete! The volume of condensed milk that goes into these drinks is quite incredible. The slightly gelatinous concoctions can be mixed with different flavors such as tea, green tea, coffee and chocolate and won’t break the bank at a measly 40 baht. Jelly not your style? Go for an iced coffee, you’ll usually get a similar condensed milk level!

Thai-Style Donuts

Freshly fried, sugar powdered, little rings of joy. They come by the bagful and are a perfect accompaniment to your wanderings around Chatuchak. If you can find a stall where a fresh batch has just been fried then even better! They are absolutely at their best when they are just out of the fryer. An added bonus? They can sometimes go for only 30 baht!

Thai-Style Rolled Ice Cream

Thai rolled ice cream is gaining popularity in the US, but it doesn’t beat the genuine article. You’ll hear it before you see it. These stalls don’t just sell delicious produce but also make for an entertaining sideshow. You’ll see a variety of flavors in liquid form alongside a stack of cups and a supercooled round plate. The chef pours the liquid into the supercooled plate and it quickly begins to freeze. Using two spatulas the chef quickly manipulates and rolls the ice-cream at a ludicrously fast pace before neatly stacking them into cups. There are huge varieties of sauces, flavors and toppings so make it your own and indulge.

Thai-style rolled ice cream closeup

Mango Sticky Rice

Probably the king of Thai desserts. Mango sticky rice has been winning over travelers for years thanks to its delicious sweetness. The fresh mango is cut into small pieces, served on warm sticky rice with lashings of luxurious coconut milk drizzled over it. It’s a real Thai experience and you won’t have to try hard to find a stall selling it!

Chocolate Dipped Popsicles

Either made from ice-cream molded into a shape or a frozen slice of banana, these popsicles are refreshing and perfect for a sweet tooth. They’re first dipped in melted chocolate then covered in your choice of topping. Our personal favorite is nuts but sprinkles work just as well!

Chocolate dipped popsicles are probably the most normal of all desserts at Chatuchak market.

The Best time to Experiment with Desserts at Chatuchak Market

Don’t forget that Chatuchak Market is only open on weekends. Turn up during the week and you’ll end up disappointed. To get there either hop in a cab or take the BTS to Mochit. Once you’re in the general area you’ll be able to follow the signs or the masses of people heading for it.

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