Craft Beer in Bangkok: It’s not just about Leo anymore…

The Best Places to Drink Craft Beer in Bangkok

The craft beer in Bangkok is here to make trouble for the usual Thai offerings. The big 3 of Leo, Chang and Singha might be worried. And rightly so! The craft beer industry is alive and growing rapidly in Thailand with Bangkok leading the charge. There are new bars opening up all of the time but these are our favorite places to drink craft beer in Bangkok of the bunch:

Although it isn’t one of our personal favorites, it’s also worth noting that there’s a craft beer garden just around the corner from Bodega Bangkok (very close walking distance). Be warned though, it gets expensive!

best places to drink craft beer in Bangkok


These guys have recently upgraded from their original premises in Ekkamai and are now up and running in Phra Khanong. They’re really not messing around either. With over a hundred different beers to try there’s an extensive range of both national and international beers to choose from. Find one that you like? Order your own supply using their online store! Don’t get it delivered to Bodega though… we can’t guarantee we won’t drink it!

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 2:00pm and 5:00pm to midnight daily

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 67 (BTS Phra Khanong)

Craft Intersect

Set a bit further out of town, this one is out on the eastern side of Bangkok’s suburbs. They came from humble beginnings as an almost hole-in-the-wall style drink outlet underneath Udomsuk Station but now have a grander residence in D’Wavery Mall. It’s a classic craft beer joint with both a decent selection of bottles and draft beers.

Opening Hours: Open from 6pm daily

Location: D’Wavery Communty Mall, Sukhumvit Soi 101/1 (BTS Punnawithi/Udomsuk)


Fall in love with Taproom and you’re in luck, they now have not just one but two bars in Bangkok. The original location is over on Sukhumvit Soi 26 and plays host to an impressive 26 beers (because of Soi 26, get it?). The newer of the Taproom bars is in Ari. Both bars are decent cafes in the day and become Taproom bars in the evening.

Opening Hours: 5pm to midnight

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 26 (BTS Phrom Phong) and Phahonyothin Soi 7 (BTS Ari)


Probably the classiest of the options on our list. Brewski mixes craft beer with great rooftop views of the Bangkok skyline. It’s set at the top of Asok’s Radisson Blu Plaza hotel and is a refreshing change from the overpriced same-same cocktails that the other rooftop options offer in the city. You won’t pay through the nose for a local craft beer option and there are some great imported options too. Plus, the beer can be accompanied by some excellent drinking snacks. If that’s not enough for you then the hotel also plays host to Attico, an excellent Italian restaurant.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 5pm-1am; Sunday, 5pm-midnight

Location: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sukhumvit Road (BTS Asok/MRT Sukhumvit)

flights of craft beer in Bangkok, Thailand

The Ever-expanding Scene Of Craft Beer In Bangkok

As with the rest of the world, craft beer is exploding. You won’t have to look very far to find some excellent beer to quench your thirst. There are more and more bars opening all of the time. If you find a great new one, make sure to share it with the Bodega family. As you might have heard, we like a beer or two.

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