New Year Adventures: What to Expect of Chinese New Year 2019 in Thailand

You’re in for a treat if you’re going to be traveling in Thailand during Chinese New Year. This is the most popular celebration in the Asian calendar and will be one to remember. During the season, you can expect a huge surge in tourists and well-wishers visiting family. Chinese friends, family and well-wishers extends into the hundreds of thousands, 400,000 to be precise.

Chinese New Year 2019 begins on  5th February, which will be different to last year and different to next year. The dates fall in line with lunar cycles and celebrations culminate in the lantern festival that is aligned with the next full moon.

Where to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Thailand

If you’re in any of the major tourist areas then you’re going to have a good time. Events such as lion dances, fireworks and parades are common place. Bangkok is the centre of party, for sure, and if you’re at Bodega then the party won’t be stopping. Not that it ever does.

If a jam packed, crowd filled city isn’t the party that you’re after then consider heading to the islands. Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Lanta, Bodega Koh Samui, all will provide you a party that you’re searching for with a quieter atmosphere. Koh Samui, especially, will give you that Bodega party. There’ll be a fun crowd, a party ready and you’ll have considerably less crowds to deal with.

Our brand-new Koh Samui hostel is the newest member of the Bodegan family, and already feels like an old friend. We’re right on Chaweng beach and only 15 minutes’ walk from the party on the main strip. Get yourself over and come join us!

Thai Prices during Chinese New Year 2019

Cutting straight to the chase, everything is more expensive. It’s the same as travelling over any major event, Christmas, New Year, national holidays, supply increases so prices rise. In Thailand, you can expect there to be a rise in prices for accommodation and travel in particular.

The huge influx of Chinese tourists in Thailand means that everything gets booked up quickly. That means book your travel and accommodation well in advance.

Chinese New Year 2019 festival lanterns

Temple Hopping during Chinese New Year 2019 in Thailand

Visiting temples over this period of time is a fantastic opportunity. They’ll be festooned with decorations, bright burning candles and the scent of incense will hang heavy in the air. No temples will close over the celebrations, in fact quite the opposite. They’ll be completely rammed. If you want to visit a popular temple, you’ll need to either wait your turn or arrive early in the day.

You don’t have to leave South East Asia (SEA) to celebrate and staying in Thailand is an amazing place to enjoy it. If you’re in Bangkok, you’ll want to visit the Yaowarat road area for the most intensive Chinese New Year experience. This is the real heart of Bangkok’s China Town and where the biggest celebrations and events will take place.

Chinese New Year is a wild ride. Timing your trip to coincide with it will be an experience you won’t forget. Just remember to adjust your budget and timings accordingly as well as booking well in advance.