Chiang Mai Pub Crawl is Now The #1 Nightlife Activity on TripAdvisor

Chiang Mai Pub Crawl is the #1 Nightlife Event in Town

Bodega has a history of running the most badass pub crawls known to backpacker-kind and now those wonderful drinking sessions have been recognised on TripAdvisor. The now infamous Chiang Mai Pub Crawl is now the absolute tip top nightlife activity on TripAdvisor!

We’re thinking this is kind of a big deal. We run pub crawls all across Thailand: from Phuket to Koh Samui, Bangkok to Chiang Mai and now Pai as well. Many tour agencies and competing hostels have attempted to copy what we do.

Are they even close to being as good? Are they even slightly as much fun? Do they know where to go to get the best drinks? No, no and definitely no. There’s a reason we’re number one on TripAdvisor, and that reason is because we truly know how to party. All it takes is a single night with us and you’re a Bodegan 4 Life!

pub crawl in Chiang Mai

How does Bodega Chiang Mai Pub Crawl work?

First off, you’ll need to part with a very reasonable amount of your hard earned Baht. For just 450 baht you’ll get to come along on this wonderful journey of decadence and excess, surrounded by a group of your, soon to be, best friends for life. 

You can buy your ticket right at our hostel with cash or you can also buy tickets online. Just bear in mind that the tickets are non-refundable, so don’t buy one if you’re going to flake out. But you wouldn’t do that, would you? That doesn’t sound like something that you’d do.

We strongly suggest that you get yourself a decent meal before starting (tempting as it is to skip dinner and dive straight into drinks). The drinking games are merciless, take no prisoners and you don’t want to be the one who passes out before the crawl has even left the hostel. No one wants to be that person.

pub crawl drinking games

Drinking games get started at the hostel at 7pm. Here you’ll get ahold of your free bucket. This is no cheap tourist trap bucket with watered down drinks. No sir. This is legit. This is the real deal. This is a bucket that’ll get you well on your way to Drunksville, population you.

“Drinking games? We love drinking games!” we hear you cry, well come on down friends. Roll up to the beer pong table (just make sure you know the rules), dive into a round of King’s Cup (be careful of that last king), or slide into a team for flip cup. Whatever your game is, you’re sure to make friends and get yourself fully into the spirit(s) for the evening ahead.

flip cup in Chiang Mai hostel

Do I need to be staying at Bodega to attend?

Absolutely not! The more the merrier – invite your friends! We open the doors to the most epic party in town to the general public. It’s a blast.

shotgunning beers

The Best of Chiang Mai Nightlife

Once we’re nicely liquored and the buckets have been emptied, it’s time to roll out in one of the best squads you’ll ever be part of. Under the guidance of the Bodega party team, you’ll visit some of our favourite bars. Free shots await, are you ready?

It’s roughly 10 o’clock at this point and we’re well on our way. The bars we visit are welcoming, friendly and stocked with the best liquor around (or at least the stuff that’ll get your deeply, deeply drunk…). Shots will flow, throw your head back and expect someone to grab a bottle and pour something into your mouth.

Best of all, our Chiang Mai Pub Crawl is safe as can be, as you’ll be accompanied by guides who’ll do all the hard work for you and ensure no one gets lost. We’ve babysat thousands of drunken backpackers, making sure each and every one gets back to the hostel safe and sound! 

pub crawl Chiang Mai

The night caps out at Zoe in Yellow, though there are after hour options that we love as well. Zoe is Chiang Mai’s most well known nightclub and was the former #1 nightlife activity in Chiang Mai. Sorry, not sorry but the crown belongs to Bodega now!

Semi-indoor/outdoor the dancing never stops and regularly spills into the surrounding streets as friends, newly formed, hug each other for dear life and shout loudly about their new best friends. For those still standing, another stop at a later night venue allows for even more late night dancing. 

Sharing the love on TripAdvisor

If you’ve been on one of our pub crawls already, or you’re now planning on going on one having read this article…(you know it makes sense) then we’d love to see your pictures. When you’ve remembered that you’ve taken some, and that might take a few days, throw them up on TripAdvisor so that we can see them and everyone else can get jealous of the amazing time that you had!

Introducing Bodega Pai Party Hostel

You read that right. Pai: We’re inside you and we’re a drunken mess.

Bodega Pai Party Hostel is our brand new,sparkling location in the beautiful mountain town of Pai. You’ll find the same quality accommodation, welcoming staff and epic fun that we deliver in all of our other Bodega locations.

things to do in Pai

Pai is a stunning place to visit only a few hours north of Chiang Mai. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a larger city. It’s a yoga retreat centre with excellent relaxation opportunities, great night markets and beautiful scenery. A day trip to the local Pai Canyon is an experience you won’t quickly forget and makes for an insanely beautiful day’s walking.

Plus, you can dive right into the Pai Pub Crawl once you’re up for a visit! There’ll be buckets, there’ll be drinking games, there’ll be luminously coloured vest tops. You just know that you want to be part of that! That’s right, you can get adding Pai to your itinerary now because it’s not a spot that you’ll want to miss out on. 

Plus, if you’re looking to really stretch your motorbike riding, get yourself onto the road between Chiang Mai and Pai. It’s a beautiful ride, even if it’s a bit daunting at first.

We can’t wait to have you come stay with us in Bodega Pai.

We can’t wait to get sloppy with you on the Bodega Pai Pub Crawl even more!

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