Aviation Art: Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market

Flying High at the Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market

In a city of great night markets, the Chang Chui Bangkok Plane market offers something a little different.

The night markets in Bangkok are legendary. No trip to the capital is complete without a trip to one of these long-standing institutions for some street food, a beer and a browse around the stalls. With so many to choose from though, how do you know where to go?

If you’re looking for something a bit different then check out the Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market, near Bang Bamru. It’s a night market with a twist! Instead of the normal souvenir stalls, you can find handmade art sold direct from the artist. Instead of the normal advertising hoardings, you can find a full-size jumbo jet! Intrigued? Read on to learn about the best that Chang Chui has to offer.  

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The Vibe is Cool

The Chang Chui plane market is not just about shopping, it’s an all-out experience. As you wander through the stalls you’ll start to notice pieces of art and sculpture dotting the site. Local artists take it in turns to design specially commissioned pieces to be installed in the market area, and the competition to be the most notable is fierce.  It makes for a great visitor experience as you discover the weird and wacky art tucked between shop stalls!

It’s impossible to visit without taking note of the centerpiece of the market, however. Yes, that’s a full-size Airbus jumbo jet in the middle of the courtyard. And yes that’s a slide coming out of its side door! If you were looking for an unusual Thai experience then this is it!

The Food is Top Notch

Of course no matter how cool the market, it’s still Thailand and so you’re never far from your next delicious meal. Chang Chui serves up all the traditional classics – think stalls selling $2 pad thai and tom yum- but it also offers up great western food too. Grab a burger or a pasta dish and say a silent thank you to the excellent chefs of Thailand for the thousandth time.  

If this all sounds a bit tame for you then check out the market’s flagship restaurant, Insects in the Backyard. Guess what they sell? Yep, high class dishes based around griddled insects and bugs! The shells might be crunchy and the legs might be a bit tough but the food here is impeccably presented, and perfect for a shocking Instagram story or two.

Great for a Date Night

Once you’ve eaten your fill of burgers and bugs then it will probably be time for a beer. In common with many Thai night markets these days, Chang Chui has a really strong craft beer scene so head to one of the bars at the back of the courtyard to try a local brew. There are two music stages back there to liven the place up and an ice-cold beer or two listening to acoustic jazz in the warm Bangkok night is a pretty cool experience.  

So how do you get here?

The Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market is located in the western suburbs of the city. From Khao San Rd or the Old City it’s easy enough to grab a taxi or tuk tuk, just be aware of the infamous Bangkok traffic congestion at rush hour. Always negotiate the price first and you should be fine. It’s a bit of a trek but it’s worth it, and it keeps the ratio of tourists to locals at a gratifying minimum. This is one exciting Bangkok experience that shouldn’t be missed!

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