Rum Forrest, Rum! Inside the Chalong Bay Distillery Tour

Chalong Bay Distillery Tour: Because Rum is Always a Good Idea

When exploring Thailand chances are you’ll be sitting back and enjoying a cocktail and taking in the view at some point. Phuket’s own Chalong Bay Distillery tour offers you the chance to get into the history and story behind the rum in your glass. An unusual and fun day out!

Finding the Chalong Bay distillery can be tough given its remote location. Your best bet is to head for Wat Chalong (a nearby temple), as local drivers are far more likely to recognise this location! Once you’re there the learning journey (and tasty samples) can begin!

Note: Photos used in this article posted on Chalong Bay Distillery & Bar’s Facebook Page, go check them out!

making rum from scratch on the Chalong Bay Distillery Tour

What is the Chalong Bay Distillery?

Chalong Bay was started by two Frenchmen with the aim of using traditional copper equipment which is usually used to make brandy. Instead, they chose to use sugarcane to create rum. This also differentiates it from other typical off the shelf rums, as they are made using molasses rather than pure sugar cane.

You might have noticed stalls on the side of the street with spinning wheels squeezing sugar cane. Thailand, it turns out, is the fourth largest producer of sugarcane in the world. Rather than just a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, Chalong Bay creates a, well, ‘refreshing’ alcoholic drink…

Welcome to the Chalong Bay Distillery Tour in Phuket, Thailand

How to Plan Your Chalong Bay Distillery Tour Day

The tour is likely your first stop. It’s not a lengthy trip but well worth it. A short but informative 20 minutes with the guide will make the most of your visit.

Once you’re done with the tour then you can get onto the exciting stuff. Rum tasting! You’ll be given a chance to taste their flavoured rums. They’ll be more than happy to keep pouring you a taster from each bottle so definitely give it a go! The Thai Basil infused flavour was our personal favourite, but why not find out for yourself!

Snacks are also available from the bar. They’re typically Thai and incredibly tasty. Time your visit for a lunchtime meal or a late afternoon snack. The tours run from 2pm to 6pm. The bar, however, is open from 11am until 10pm, so you can make the best of their excellent produce.

Getting into the Spirit of it

If you’re looking to take a memento of your trip away with you then there are whole bottles available to buy featuring most of the flavors on offer. If you’d prefer to try a few of them then half bottles can be bought too. They make a great souvenir choice as well as a great cocktail.

Talking of cocktails, if you really want to make an experience out of the trip to the distillery then book yourself onto one of the cocktail making classes. You’ll be using the distillery’s own rum to whip up the best mojitos that you’ve ever tasted, alongside lots of other rum delights. The master classes run for 2 hours on Mondays and Thursdays.

Bodega Phuket Insider Tip

There’s plenty of parking at the venue but this is one of those times that we would advise against taking a scooter. You’ll have enough samples to push yourself over the limit! Grab a tuk tuk, taxi or songthaew and save yourself a headache.

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