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Party Hostels in Cambodia

Party Hostels Done Right!

Great Vibes!

Great Parties!

Great Food!

Great Beds!

Bodega Hostels is always looking to make new friends and family and this time we’re crossing borders. With the opening of Bodega Beach Club & Resort in Koh Rong Samloem, we’re officially an international brand! 


Our party hostels in Cambodia have a 24/7 bar and restaurant, meaning the party doesn’t end until you want it to. Explore the tropical paradise and all it has to offer with our day time tour service and join us at sundown for drunken shenanigans. An endless stretch of sand and sea, or the option to sunbathe round our outdoor pool, Bodega Beach Club & Resort offers snorkeling and scuba trips, beach parties, and our obligatory free shots of course.

As you’d expect, we’ve kept true to our values and you’ll find the comfiest beds, crisp air con, and spacious communal areas at all of our Cambodian party hostels. We have 24/7 CCTV and extra storage for any valuables; we want our Bodegan family to feel as safe and relaxed as possible. You can kick back, shotgun a beer, and enjoy the ride! Our locations have restaurants serving a mouth watering menu of local and Western foods. You can try new tastes or get your fave comfort food when handling a hangover.

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