Bodega Thapae Soft Launch Pool Party (Sponsored by LEO)

All Day Pool Party for the Bodega Thapae Soft Launch!

Bodega Thapae soft launch pool party

Bodega Hostels presents the latest and greatest: Bodega Chiang Mai Thapae!

Join us for the Bodega Thapae soft launch pool party on Saturday, December 15th from 12PM til late.

? If you’ve stayed at our Chiang Mai Party Hostel, this will be a change of pace from the usual Bodega drunken shenanigans. That doesn’t mean there won’t be copious amounts of alcohol involved, but now we’ll have a pool to cool down in.

? Thailand’s heat is NOTHING compared to our refreshing poolside drink specials. Let’s get weird!

? This is going to be a wild one, with a massive crowd combined with our Chiang Mai Party Hostel! Expect to be hungover the next day, possibly with bits and pieces of the night forgotten

? It’s an all-day pool party, need we say more?

Bodega Thapae Soft Launch poolside drink specials
The Bodega Thapae Soft Launch party will be sponsored by LEO, expect to see their beautiful reps lounging by our pool!

We were originally hoping to launch our 2nd hostel in Chiang Mai in time for Loy Krathong, but well – shit happens. The number one request we get from Bodega Chiang Mai guests is installing a pool and it’s finally here! We’ve been working ’round the clock to put together a gorgeous hostel and we’re finally able to show it off to the world! It’s a sigh of relief combined with eager anticipation. Check out the fruits of our labor:

Bodega Thapae soft launch lobby
Bodega Thapae Soft Launch Dorm rooms
Bodega Thapae soft launch twin beds
Bodega Thapae soft launch queen size bed

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