The Best Pub Crawl in Phuket

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of nightlife in Phuket is Bangla Road. Second comes the Bodega Phuket Pub Crawl, of course. Your time in Thailand is limited so you’ll want to make the absolute most of it. The marriage between several great bars and the wild #BodegaHostels crowd is a recipe for a wild night. And let’s face it: Wild nights are exactly why you’re backpacking Thailand in the first place, right?

Ever since we opened our party hostel in Phuket, we’ve been fine tuning our pub crawl and it’s become infamous in the city. The Phuket Bar Crawl attracts a diverse crowd, from guests of the hostel to expatriates in Phuket, digital nomads and TEFL teachers. If you’re not staying in the city for long, it’s a great way to get the full nightlife experience while meeting amazing people from around the world. Let the drinks flow! ?

Party Hostel in Phuket

Phuket Pub Crawl Itinerary

The party starts at Bodega Phuket, but I bet you already knew that. We get the drinking games started after dinner and depart from the hostel around 10 PM. All the classics are at your fingertips: beer pong, king’s cup, flip cup, Cards Against Humanity, etc. Whatever your favorite drinking game is, you’ll be well off before we head out for the night.

Don’t worry about what bars we’re heading to, you won’t be disappointed with our favorite bars in Phuket. We head to a couple then cap the night off at a nightclub that’s not too far off from the hostel. Each pub crawl ticket comes with a free shirt, so when we roll deep at the club it can be pretty crazy. Our bright shirts in unison completely stand out from the crowd and the massive group brings its own energy to the night.

Price: 450 ฿

What You Get:

Departure: 10pm

Est. Time at Each Location: 45 – 60 minutes

End: Late. Usually really late into the night.

What You Need:

Everyone is Welcome, Whether You’re a Bodega Guest or Not

We get messages on our Insta all the time asking if you can attend the Phuket Pub Crawl even if you aren’t staying at the hostel. The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Fuck yes. The more, the merrier! We love heading to the club with a massive crowd, so feel free to invite your friends staying at other hostels. You can buy tickets directly through our website or pay cash at reception.

Like we mentioned earlier, everyone on the pub crawl gets a free shirt. Everyone’s part of the Bodega family when we get the drinks flowing, mai pen rai! ?

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