Return of the Best Party Hostel in Thailand: Bodega is back!

Bodega Hostels is Back: Let the Drinks Flow!

The classic Bodega Hostels that you’ve all been missing is finally back in action! Last year, we had partnered with one of our biggest competitors as one massive family: Slumber Party by Bodega Hostels. Together, we were not only the fastest growing hostel brand in Asia, but also the largest. Unfortunately, the partnership didn’t work out so well for us, so it’s time we returned to our roots. Over the years, Bodega has built up a network of friends so close they feel like family – and that’s the vibe we want to bring back to our hostels:

You arrive a guest, but leave as Bodega family! ✌️

Bodega Hostels 3rd year anniversary party in Bangkok, Thailand

What does Bodega mean anyway?

Personally, the first time I had ever even heard the word “Bodega” was watching Dave Chappelle’s cult classic movie, Half Baked. Bodega is a Spanish word that directly translates to “grocery store”, but some of its context is lost in translation. Bodegas are small mini-marts with a more exclusive, hidden vibe. They feel more like a place to buy your liquor rather than your typical convenience store. You get to know the people running it on a personal level. By now I’m sure you’ve connected the dots as to why we picked the name for our party hostel. Bodega is all about sharing life experiences, drinking our livers black together and making memories that last. ?

Bodega scene from Half Baked movie starring Dave Chappelle

What will the o̶l̶d̶ new Bodega Hostels be like?

While it would be nice to slap on our nostalgia goggles and call it a day, that ain’t fucking happening. Bodega has grown as a brand and we’ve changed quite a bit since our early days. We’re taking the best elements of our time partnered with Slumber Party and bringing back the vibe of the old Bodega. The most badass pub crawls in Thailand, run most days of the week. Incredible tours showing off only the best of the best sightseeing Thailand has to offer. Beer pong tournaments, winner take all. Most importantly, a social atmosphere that churns out new friendships faster than you can shotgun a can of Leo!

Bodega Hostels soft reopening: featuring shotgunning cans of Leo all night

Another Big Bodega Announcement Coming Soon…

If you’ve been to Bodega before, you’ll know that we’re the type to one-up ourselves. The party must go on, after all. We’ve been working ‘round the clock to make some big moves that you’re going to want to hear about first. Sign up to our weekly newsletter, you don’t want to miss this one!

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