About Bodega Hostels

Bodega Hostels is the largest party hostel chain in Thailand and HostelWorld has named us the #1 party hostel in the world! Bodega has a family vibe but don’t bring the kids. What we mean by that is that from the second you enter our doors, you’ll feel right at home. Feeling welcome and comfortable in a foreign country, even when you’re stressed and anxious about what’s to come next isn’t something easy to replicate. Bodega’s had that vibe since day 1. You’ll quickly become friends with our incredible staff and make lifelong friends among backpackers like yourself.

What is a hostel?

Hostels are the epitome of budget accommodation with a social environment designed for you to meet people from all around the world. It sure as fuck beats staying in a hotel, sicne you’ll actually get to know people that will want to explore and party with you. Hostels as a whole offer a wide variety of types of rooms, typically dorm rooms. Think like a frat house, drink like a frat house (or sorority)! Bodega’s largest dorms have 14 beds and our smallest have 4 beds. At some locations (like our party resort in Phuket), we’ve also got private rooms if that’s more your thing. Great for couples who want their privacy! ??

Who can stay at the hostel?

Bodega is LGBT-friendly, even going so far as changing our beer pong rules to reflect that view (anyone can finger or blow a spinning ball out of a cup!). We’re also free from judgment of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex and political opinions. The more diverse crowd we have, the more people vibe together, honestly. Taking in as much as you can from other cultures is a big part of traveling, after all! If you’re looking for a more long term stay or have a large group reservation, please send a direct request to? Chris@BodegaHostelGroup.com

Does Bodega organize tours and activities?

Plenty! We host the best pub crawls in Thailand, several days a week at each of our locations that get pretty wild. We start the night off with drinking games, free food and then go on a tour of Thai nightlife all night long. During the day, we organize the tours Thailand is famous for: ethical elephant sanctuaries, visiting Buddhist temples and more!

Do you have to be a Bodega guest to attend our pub crawls and tours?

Nope. Invite your friends staying elsewhere! The more the merrier!

What kind of security does Bodega provide?

More than you’d find at your average hostel! We have 24/7 CCTV cameras rolling, lockers available in all dorm rooms and a storage room for anything more valuable you want locked up for that extra peace of mind. We also have late night reception in case anything goes wrong or for if you’re arriving from a late flight and need to get to a hot shower ASAP! Read more about the security at Bodega Hostels here.

Does Bodega offer long term storage?

Yes, we do! If you packed too heavy or bought too many souvenirs at one of Thailand’s incredible night markets, don’t worry about it. We’ve got a separate long term storage for you to use, free of charge. Just don’t forget to return to Bodega to pick it up before flying back home!

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Nope. We pride ourselves on having super comfy beds with soft pillows and duvets. We don’t mean to flex, but we have some of the comfiest beds of any hostel brand in Asia. Just don’t expect to have an early night’s sleep since the party must go on!

What are the assured quality standards by Bodega Hostels?

Comfort, cleanliness, security, privacy, top notch facilities, knowledgeable staff that can help you plan the rest of your trip – you name it! We’ll go out of our fucking way to make sure you have an incredible stay with us. Got a problem? Talk to us about it and we’ll do our best. We would much rather help you out right then and there than to hear about you having a not so great time later down the road.

Do I need towels?

You’ll get a towel included in your bed price, no worries.

How can I book a shuttle or car pick up to the hostel?

Absolutely! Send an email to? Chris@BodegaHostelGroup.com or message our Facebook Page with your flight details and we’ll make sure you get to Bodega without fail.

Can local residents or expats stay at Bodega Hostels?

Of course! We even have a 10% discount available for TEFL teachers!

How can I book a bed at Bodega Hostels?

Click here to book directly and save 10% or you can book through HostelWorld if you feel like leaving us a review after your wild nights out! ?

Are there special discount for journalist, bloggers or artists?

Fuck a discount. We go a step further and offer a free bed to sleep in for 2-3 nights, Thai food and a reserved spot on one of our tours in exchange for blog coverage, photography, artwork, etc. It’s called the Bodega Creatives Program and it’s pretty badass.