Bodega Challenge Boards Explained: Come Back Tate!

Bodega Challenge Boards are Insane

Bodega challenge boards aren’t for the faint hearted. These are for the serious, heavy drinking, party loving connoisseur of getting hammered black-out drunk. These challenge boards might look humble but when you look into what they contain, the pure carnage that they can provide, well you won’t take them on lightly.

These boards come about on special occasions and one of those most memorable of occasions was when our beloved Tate’s time at Bodega came to an end. He had been working as manager of Bodega Bangkok for as long as anyone could remember and when his last day came, well it was time for us to send him off in style.

Step in the Bodega Challenge Boards

Work at Bodega for long enough and a challenge board becomes an inevitability. After all, you’ve based your career on getting people to party, to embrace the good times and chances are that you’ve had your fair share of drinks whilst doing so.

These challenge boards contain a minimum of 15 challenges and must be completed within a 12-hour period. Keen mathematicians amongst you will have already worked out that gives you an average of 48 minutes per challenge at best. Now obviously some of these challenges will be over and done quickly. Shotguns don’t exactly take all day. Dominating the beer pong table for a couple games could take 10 minutes if you’re skilled. Others might take a little while longer.

bodega challenge boards

For illustrative purposes we’ll share with you what our brother Tate went through:

  • Beer Bong x3 Buckets
  • x10 shotguns – you read that right ten…
  • x5 soda water shotgun
  • x2 whisky sours
  • x4 Graveyard Shot (Don’t know what they are? You’re not ready)
  • x2 Hand Grenade
  • x2 Jagerbombs
  • x4 Compliments to Ryan – because everyone loves Ryan
  • x1 Sambuca Cannon
  • Spend 1 hour as a woman (cross dressing)
  • Win 2 Games of Beer Pong
  • Liz’s Choice – potentially the most dangerous of all
  • Eat every bar snack on the Bodega menu – after all a man has to eat
  • Get on someone’s shoulders
  • Only x2 chunder is allowed – to add a sense of danger…
  • Bonus – Make a beer chain long enough to hand the board around your neck

Keep in mind that Tate’s challenge board was pretty savage. They usually don’t go this hard but he still completed it in full by 10:30 PM. Not something to be taken on lightly. But man will you have fun either cheering someone through one, or (should you really get into the Bodega family) doing one yourself.

It’s worth noting one special condition. Anyone present during the board’s creation can add a challenge to it if they complete their own double shotgun first. Shotgun two beers and you get to add a challenge! In Tate’s case, two more were added:

  • When Alexis drinks you have to drink (matching the drink)
  • x1 Shot of Tabasco

Goodbye for now, our good friend!

You never really leave Bodega, you just go on holiday for a bit. In Tate’s case, well you’ll be missed hugely. We’ve all had the most incredible times with you and the Bodega family and the place won’t be the same without you. We know that you’ll be back soon, you won’t be able to stay away for long. Until then, drink on our brother, and shotgun into the sunset. Farewell Tate.

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