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Flower Power: Floral Themed Drinks at Too Good For You Bangkok

Flower Power: Floral Themed Drinks at Too Good For You Bangkok

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… Floral Themed Drinks at Too Good For You Cafe

The trend of people creating cafes purely based on aesthetics and experience is ever growing. The Unicorn Café in Bangkok, for one. The whole host of cat cafes across the country, is another. The low key, almost hidden joint ‘Too Good For You’ is a new player. They focus heavily on the flower theme and specialise in floral themed drinks.

To find this place you’ll likely, at least initially, think you’ve gone to the wrong spot. After all, from the outside it looks a lot like an ancient and derelict building that sells out of date computer hardware. But as soon as you head into the café itself you are immediately overcome with flowers, leaves and colours. This is very quickly becoming an Instagram mecca.

Flowers For Feminism

The owner of the café has been heard to say that his entire concept grew from wanting to empower women and get close to feminism and femininity. Well, it might not be everyone’s path to empowerment but at least he’s trying.

Shogun, the owner, worked hard to rejuvenate a fairly dilapidated building into a flowery oasis and now it’s open for you to visit. To find it you’ll have to follow a series of directions. Head for the Mookda Building, follow a tiny side road to the right side of the entrance where there’s a pretty rough looking elevator. Ride it up to the 8th floor (9th if it is working!) and then through a frosted door and into flowery rose pink heaven.

Do it for the Gram at Too Good For You Cafe in Bangkok

What’s on the menu at Too Good For You Cafe?

Well, there are a few snacks on the menu but the main reason to come is to try one of their extravagantly decorated drinks. They begin at around 100 baht and are all delightfully bizarre to standard Western taste buds. Each and every drink is adorned with brightly coloured flowers and petals.

Take for instance the Violatte. This is a purple potato latte. Yep. Potato. It even has bits of potato stuck to the side of the cup and is layered with cheese. Sounds odd? Yep, but taste it for sure. People swear it goes great with the purple potato croissant, obviously. Potato goes with potato.

It isn’t a massive chain café and only has a few tables. It’s only been open since around April time so it truly within its infancy still. That said, Shogun hopes to open another branch in Siam soon. A trip here is a great way to try something different in Thailand while also supporting local industry. This is the very definition of a grassroots enterprise.

The best way to head towards Too Good For You is to walk from BTS Chong Nonsi.

Hours of Operation: 10am to 7pm – get in early to avoid the school kids!

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

If you get stuck with the directions above then your best chance is to ask people nearby in the area. The chances are that people will understand what you’re after and people are friendly and keen to help.

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