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Bodega x The Company Bangkok Coworking Space Partnership

Bodega x The Company Bangkok Coworking Space Partnership

The Company Bangkok is Walking Distance from Bodega Bangkok

We’re really excited about this one, The Company Bangkok, which is the BEST coworking space in Bangkok for creatives is officially partnering up with Bodega. Unfortunately, there comes a time when all good parties need to come to an end and a day at work needs to take its place (well… at least for a little bit).

The Company Bangkok is Coworking Space Paradise

So why have we picked The Company to partner up with, especially when Bangkok has so many great coworking spots? Well, the reasons are many! First off, we’re basically neighbors. The Company is a stone’s throw down the road from Bodega Bangkok. But that’s just a convenience rather than a real reason.

The vibe in The Company is everything we stand for, chilled, relaxed and a focused working environment for you to get shit done. The space is awash with creatives from all of the different walks of life. Running a digital marketing empire? This one’s for you. An Instagram Influencer looking to lock down your next series? Grab a desk and focus up.

In terms of seating and space, it has everything you could possibly need. Looking for some alone time? Book one of the private offices. Need to host a round table? Grab a meeting room. Thankfully, no matter where you end up, the internet is solid. No dropouts, no speed dips, just steady, high speed goodness.

These guys aren’t new to coworking. They’ve set up across ASEAN and Bangkok is no exception to their quality. Space for everyone, a great set of decorations adorning the walls and a relaxed vibe. That’s what they base their model on, and they do it damn well.

The Company Bangkok is among the best coworking spaces in Bangkok

You want in?

Of course, you do. You’ve got stuff to do and you need somewhere to do it. And as much as we love hanging out at Bodega, slamming a shotgun whilst on a call with a client just isn’t all that professional. We’re just saying there’s a time and a place?

For those of you who work in video, there’s one feature that makes this place truly excellent and a notch above the rest. The Company has its own video production studio. That’s damn right. A Private Video Production Studio. We’re talking green screen, sound proofing, proper lighting. Travel vlogging? Subscriber hunting? Docu-editing? This is the place for you.

The really is the place to hangout if you’re in the creative space. Bloggers? Network with other people and get your traffic really growing using collaborations. The same goes for influencers, vloggers, anyone looking to get their work into reality. Create and collaborate.

What’s the Bodega discount and how does it work?!

The best part about this partnership is the set of benefits for you. Show off your dorm key and you’ll receive a tasty discount. The usual price for day pass is 400 baht, dangle those Bodega goodies and you’ll get a whole day for only 300! After all, we’re all family now!

PS: Our Marketing Director, Chris Tweten will be running regular workshops on marketing strategy, starting off with one on Instagram Strategy for 2019 on February 9th! 😉

The Nitty, Gritty Details

Location: 23rd Floor, GMM Grammy Place, 50 Sukhumvit 21 (Asok) Rd

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Everyday – You don’t want to be working when you could be drinking during the evening do you? Come back to Bodega for happy hour!

Ticket: 100 ฿ Hourly, 400 ฿ Daily – but you’ll be staying at Bodega right?! 300 baht for you!

Phone: +66(0) 2-116-7924

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