High Class Clubbing at the Sing Sing Theater Bangkok


The Sing Sing Theater Bangkok is a bar, nightclub and theater experience all rolled into one

Ashley Sutton has done it again- the Sing Sing Theater Bangkok is one of the most unusual places you’ll ever go clubbing. Part concept bar and part entertainment venue, Sing Sing Theater is a treat for the eyes and is strongly reminiscent of some of Sutton’s other wonderful Bangkok locations like Maggie Choo’s in Silom or Iron Fairies in Thonglor.

A visual treat

Like all of Sutton’s bars, the Sing Sing Theater Bangkok is an immersive, beautiful place. The theme here is eastern opulence and there’s a definite underground, speakeasy atmosphere. Intricate wrought iron decoration mixes with colored lanterns, dark furniture and dragon motifs to make you feel like you’re in old world China.

The staff also look the part, with the women wearing traditional Chinese silk dresses and the men wearing tailored Chinese jackets and suits. Feng shui was a big part of the design process, and symmetrical walkways move you around the place in a natural fashion and lead you to hidden corners where you can take a breather and enjoy the view.


World class DJs in Bangkok

Sing Sing isn’t just about looking good though! It also has an impressive musical pedigree, with a rotating program of world class DJs popping in to make the place kick off. Gilles Peterson is a frequent visitor, as is Kilngrande, and the resident house DJs are pretty good too. I

If you come here after dinner then you’ll get a chilled out and ambient set until about 11pm, at which point it switches to electronic dance with a bit of live beatbox thrown in. Hip hop takes center stage on Tuesdays and there are themed parties at the weekends.

It’s not called a theater for nothing

The Sing Sing Theater lives up to its name, and there are frequent performances from the resident dancers here. What you see depends on the night but it could be anything from a sumptuous burlesque performance all the way through to a fantastical, futuristic dystopian dance featuring gas masks! Sing Sing advertises itself as a 360-degree experience, and the stage is in the middle of the nightclub. You’ll quite literally feel like you’re part of the show!

Sing Sing Theater Bangkok cocktails are to die for   

Last but not least, let’s talk about the drinks. This is a drinkers’ club, and the cocktails are world class. Ask the bar staff to mix you up something special but if you go for premium spirits or a multiple mix then you’re probably looking at $15 upwards for a drink. It’s worth it though! You’re paying for the experience here as well as just a night out, and sipping a Don Julio Tequila blend while watching the dancers put on an amazing show is an unforgettable experience.


How to get there  

Sing Sing is right next to Quince Restaurant at Sukhumvit Soi 45, not far from Phrom Phong and Thonglor BTS stations. Although it opens at 8pm the crowds don’t really appear until midnight, so take your time. Get there at a leisurely pace, find a comfortable corner and enjoy the view. These kinds of nightclubs don’t come around very often!

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