Fun Outdoor Activities That Might Interest You

outdoor activities in Thailand

Doing fun activities outside rarely has restrictions, as long as you have the energy and the enthusiasm to try your hand on new and exciting things, you’ll find an activity that ignites vigor and you’ll have that sweet taste of life. Many of us think that we already have a lot on our plate to […]

Float Chiang Mai: The Joys of Being Alone in an Isolation Tank

Float Chiang Mai: The Joys of Being Alone in an Isolation Tank

Expanding Your Mind at Float Chiang Mai You’ve tried Thai massages, yoga, pilates and meditation, but what about the next big craze in the world of relaxation? Yes, we’re talking about isolation tanks! They’re dark, mysterious and beloved by celebrities and now you can get in on the act in Thailand. Float Chiang Mai is […]

Top 6 Reasons to Travel to Asia in 2020

reasons to travel to Asia in 2020

One of the main reasons people travel to Asia is because it is one of the cheapest travel destinations. Besides that, there are so many exciting places to visit and explore. Asia is home to amazingly beautiful beaches. The people, traditions, culture, flora and fauna, jungles, and rivers are great. But what makes it more […]

Looking for a Place to Stay in Thailand? Here’s How

Bodega Bangkok Party Hostel

Thailand has always been one of the most visited and highly rated tourist destinations in South East Asia, and there are many good reasons for this. From exotic beaches with all-night Full Moon Parties to sprawling metropolitan cities with bustling nightlife to wonderful cuisine and culture, Thailand has it all. Local Thai people are so […]

Patong Beach Guide: Phuket’s Hedonistic Playground

Patong Beach Guide: Phuket’s Hedonistic Playground

Life’s a Beach: Patong Beach Guide Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular beach islands and is flocked to by tourists in their thousands from all around the world. Arguably the most popular area, especially for party lovers, on Phuket is the Patong Beach area. Bodega Phuket is just a short walk from it, so […]

W District is Bangkok’s Best Night Market You Haven’t Tried Yet!

W District Bangkok

W District. Your new favorite place in Bangkok.  W District has got it all if you are looking for a sensory overload. It has got to be Bangkok’s best night market. Especially if you’re a foodie in need of a food fest. So much more than just a market or a beer garden, it promotes […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Bangkok

tips for your visit to Bangkok

Thailand is a country known as the land of smiles and its capital city is Bangkok. Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant street life, gleaming temples, as well as an active nightlife. Because of this, the city center of the country has attracted travelers from all walks of life, with some never wanting to leave […]

The Best Places to Enjoy Krabi Nightlife for Party People!

Krabi Nightlife

Krabi welcomes a mix of travelers, including backpackers and package-holiday guests staying in all-inclusive resorts. Krabi has such beautiful surroundings and the bustling Krabi nightlife is hard to resist, so we had to open a hostel there ourselves! When it comes to Krabi nightlife, everyone wants to get involved. Ao Nang and Krabi Town certainly […]

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Impacting Travel

coronavirus impact on travel

Travel is something that means different things to different people, with the one common denominator being that it’s personal. Whether taking a trip for business or pleasure, as an escape from reality in the Seychelles or for an adventure to take the polar plunge in icy Antarctica, travel offers people a sense of freedom that […]

Thai Mythical Creatures You’ll See at Buddhist Temples in Thailand Explained

Thai mythical creatures

The Most Common Thai Mythical Creatures Explained To the untrained eye, temples in Thailand will look oddly similar. Every time. Seriously, you may catch temple fatigue when backpacking quickly. Fortunately, that can be solved by spending a mere 5 minutes to learn about the Thai mythical creatures you’ll see statues of at temples. After reading […]