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Bangkok’s Golden Axe Throw Club: Because you’re a lumberjack and that’s ok.

Bangkok’s Golden Axe Throw Club: Because you’re a lumberjack and that’s ok.

Golden Axe Throw Club: Lumberjack Season in Bangkok

Temples, night markets and street food are what Bangkok is famous for. The lesser known activity of axe throwing doesn’t quite make that list yet, but boy is it a lot of fun. Grab a beer and an axe at Golden Axe Throw Club!

You’ve done The Grand Palace. You’ve eaten yourself full of Pad Thai. You’ve explored the floating markets. Now you’re after something fun and unusual to do. That’s where the Golden Axe Throw Club comes in. Axe throwing has been a competitive sport around the wooded parts of the world for centuries and more. Traditionally the sport of lumberjacks and their ilk, it’s now opening its doors to you.

Drinking and Axes

More and more startups are trying to find new and innovative ways of entertaining you. In the last few years it has been all about escape rooms and horror experiences. Axe throwing is the new kid on the block. The Golden Axe Throw Club aligns itself as an axe throwing club where you can have a drink too. It is not a bar with axes. That’s their line anyway! Think of it as more like an entertainment experience rather than a drinking session where you can grab a beer, grab an axe and throw away.

To have a lane for up to an hour (good for up to 5 people) you’ll need to pay B500 a head. Chances are you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you’ll push on to 2 hours!

Drinks are reasonably priced which is a huge bonus alongside a fun sport. A soju shot is a mere B30, Chang and Leo go for B100 and, if you really feel like getting into the hillbilly spirit, go for the Jameson and Pickle Juice combo for B150.

Axe throwing in Bangkok at Golden Axe Throw Club

Throwing Down

Think of a bowling alley but rather than a shiny, varnished floor there’s chipboard matting and instead of pins there’s a circular target. It’s essentially a shooting range for axes. That said, this is not a joke sport. The club takes your safety incredibly seriously and so has adopted the same regulations imposed on traditional shooting ranges. You’ll even have to sign a liability waiver before you can grasp any handles.

There’s also a drinking limit. After a couple the staff will gently remind you that you are, literally, throwing bladed axes across a room and that it might be an idea to limit your consumption. Thankfully, a coach is assigned to every 2 people so if your throw starts to go a bit wayward they’ll steer you back in the right direction.

Once you start to feel the burn and need some restorative food there are plenty of nearby food options. This is Bangkok after all, you’re only moments away from your next satay or pad thai.

Key Details

Address: 3 Lat Phrao Wang Hin Soi 67

Telephone: 063 654 0600

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 4pm-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm.

Booking in Advance: Contact reception at Bodega Bangkok!

Golden Axe Throw Club Insider Tip

Don’t find yourself disappointed after turning up to a club of fully-booked lanes. Booking in advance is available for all of their opening hours so call ahead and get yourself a sure thing. Once you’ve got your friends all together then either throw for fun, or bring along a pen and paper for a competitive mini-tournament!

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