Blanco Booze Cruise x Bodega Ao Nang: Drinking into the Sunset

Blanco booze cruise Krabi

Bodega and Blanco Booze Cruise Team Up!

There are many booze cruise options out there but very few of them come close to the Blanco Booze Cruise. We’ve put together a truly epic 4 Island Tour of Krabi that can’t be topped. This party boat and drinking cruise is the best of the best and sure to leave you with an experience to remember. If you can remember it, that is.

You know how we do at Bodega and our hostel in Krabi is no exception! 🍻😉

Blanco Booze Cruise: What’s in it for me?

That’s a valid question. Allow us to explain what you might expect from your day booze cruising and the type of awesome activities that you’ll get up to whilst jaunting around the Andaman Sea.

The booze cruises are designed to be a few things all in one. They’re designed to be relaxing, this is a cruise afterall. They’re designed to be fun, you’re on a booze cruise afterall.

And they’re designed to be a party (see previous point). They’re also a great alternative to spending another day lounging on the beach and sunning yourself. The sea is incredibly inviting with the calm waters, the glistening sunshine and the warm sun on your skin.

Blanco booze cruise drone
Kayaking, paddleboards and more available at no extra charge on the Blanco Booze Cruise!

Tickets for our 4 Island Tour are just 1100 baht per person – or you can pay an extra 500 baht for a 10 Drink Pass!

Sure, these cruises will involve drinking. That’s a given. But they’re also about exploring the local area. You’ll get to visit some of the local areas most well known landmarks of Krabi including beautiful beaches and jaw dropping scenery. During the cruise you’ll be looked after by a team of professional staff who not only get the party going, but also keep you safe.

We depart from Bodega Ao Nang Party Hostel at 12:30PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to sleep in (or treat a hangover). 

As the title suggests, you’ll be visiting 4 beautiful islands: Tub Island, Mor Island, Poda Island and Chicken Island. You’ll also get to enjoy sunset from the boat before getting back to land around 7PM.

But the party doesn’t stop there, you’ll be ushered back to the Bodega to continue the party deep into the night.

How Gram-worthy is this tour?

Krabi is a stunning area of the world. Think towering limestone cliffs, deep blue skies and seas, swaying palm trees and a general relaxed vibe that you’ll struggle to find in other places in the world.

Krabi 4 Island Tour

Krabi is on the western coast of mainland Thailand, due east from Phuket. The best way to get to Krabi from Bangkok is going to be a short hop flight, otherwise you’ll want to take a sleeper bus or multiple buses to cover the 10 hour (or more) drive. 

Once you make it you won’t be disappointed. We, obviously, strongly recommend that you come and hang with us at our Ao Nang Krabi party hostel. We’ve got a great spot, in a wonderful location with our own pool, bar and great vibes. What more could you want?

Ao Nang Beach is one of the best in Thailand but is also a great jumping off point to explore the rest of the local beaches in Krabi. Our top picks are Railay Beach (for a great party and restaurant selection) and Ton Sai (one of Thailand’s and the World’s top climbing spots) with fantastic beach bars and relaxation. Many of the different beaches aren’t accessible by road, but thanks to a fleet of longtail boats, taxis and waterbuses you won’t find it difficult to get from place to place.

The Beaches of Krabi

The beaches here are, arguably, some of the best in the world. They’re the beaches that the Lonely Planet uses for the guide book covers. They’re the beaches that influencers travel the world to capture behind the lens. They’re stunning.

As we mentioned above Railay is probably the most popular beaches in Krabi and rightly so. The beach is bookended by soaring, green capped limestone cliffs and has a plethora of resources for you to make use of. There’s a great selection of places to eat, shops to grab souvenirs in and places to stay.

Tonsai has the more relaxed vibe of the 2 bays. Think outdoor, sand floored bars with hammocks and reggae playing whilst you sip on an ice cold beer. It’s a beach to hit up when you’re looking to really unwind and let the day pass you by.

Ao Nang is, of course, our favourite. Similar to Railay, there are loads of great places to eat and shop, plus tonnes of places to book tours and cruises. If you’re staying with Bodega, even if you’re not, we can sort all of this for you so you don’t have to worry about trawling from place to place. 

The Best Booze Cruise in Krabi

Jumping aboard a booze cruise whilst in Krabi isn’t just a great excuse for a party, but a perfect opportunity to explore the area and see what Krabi has to offer. Blanco Booze cruise offers just that.

The perfect combination of sightseeing, information and delicious, affordable drinking. There’s not much more in life that’s as beautiful as that.

Book yourself on. You know it makes sense.

Krabi booze cruise sunset
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