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A Beginner’s Guide for Bike Enthusiast

bike enthusiast beginner's guide

If you’ve been taking out your bike every so often or considering purchasing one, then here’s what you’ll need to know to begin your adventure. It may be a little difficult to get yourself started on biking if you don’t have a clear grasp of what’s going on, and that’s what this cycling tips guide is going to help you with. 

Here are 4 things beginners have to know about biking.

cycling for beginners

Picking the right bike

Biking has a different meaning for everyone, and that’s largely due to people having different types of journeys in mind. Some people are interested in mountain biking, while others want to trek a long road; however, there isn’t a bike that fits all scenarios. Understanding where you’ll be biking is the first step towards what bike you’re going to get, and once you have that down, you’ll go to the next step, which is checking out the bike more suitable for you. If you’re struggling to find a trustworthy bike, take a look at some reviews made by experienced bikers over at Bike Appeal where they tell you which of the mountain bikes can be the best choice for you. There are also road bikes, gravel bikes, and even fat bikes, so decide on where you’ll be riding it to choose a bike that fits you best.

Learn the techniques

It’s important that as a beginner, that you pay attention to the details and techniques when biking for the first time. By learning the many techniques of how to ride your bike comfortably, how to take on bumps, how to ride faster and how to control your breathing, it makes the riding experience much more fruitful for you.

Start off slow

While it may feel really good to pedal as fast as you can while on your bike, it may not be that safe to do so while you’re still learning. Getting yourself comfortable with controlling your bike at high speed will require you a little time and muscle memory, so be patient and take it slow until you feel like you’re confident enough to start going faster.

Keep yourself protected at all times

As a beginner, you’re definitely going to fall a few times before you start getting the hang of it and spotting the many circumstances that might cause you to fall. Wearing a protective helmet and some shoulder/knee pads will stop you from getting badly injured anywhere, so remember to keep them on at all times, even if you’ve become extremely skilled at biking.

bicycle on dirt road

It can feel really amazing to be on an open road with the wind’s breeze keeping you cool as you pedal towards your destination, but that entire experience can be ruined if you’re thinking about others around you and if they think you’re going too slow. Biking is something you get the hang on to quickly, and all other bikers know that, so take your time. Enjoying yourself while riding on the bike is why you do it, don’t forget that!

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