Big Buddha Phuket: The 45 Meter Tall Buddha Statue in Chalong

The Big Buddha Statue in Phuket is a Towering Monument to Thai Faith

Hiking in Thailand always leads to great rewards and the trail leading to the Big Buddha in Phuket is no exception! Although you’ll see it oft in the distance while enjoying your hike to its base, seeing it up-close and personal is a gift in itself. Almost as synonymous with Phuket as Bangla Road itself, the Big Buddha is a sight that attracts tourists from all around the flat earth year after year.

Located just behind Chalong at the peak of the Nakkerd hills sits the Phuket Big Buddha, a long-lasting offering of Thailand’s reverence to its Buddhist roots. Making the quick day trip from Patong Beach isn’t something to be overlooked. You’re just one hiking trail away from a glance into the spiritual side of a culture whose spicy foods you’ve no doubt engorged yourself in.

What makes the Big Buddha worth visiting anyway?

How much time you got? Kidding! The Big Buddha sits atop a lotus-shaped platform, all carved from pristine white marble. It really makes you wonder how it got there in the first place. I’m not saying it was aliens, but…No, seriously, it was ancient Thai monks that carved this beautiful monument to their Buddhist faith took some serious talent and patience. 45 meters tall. While that doesn’t sound too impressive on paper, it is truly a testament of skill. From a distance, you’ll observe in awe at the full picture but as you get closer, it gets harder and harder to put in full view. Bring a wide angle lens (or at least a fish eye) because you’ll really need it!

The spectacle doesn’t stop at just the Big Buddha itself however. From its base, you can walk around for a full 360 degree view of Phang Nga Bay and further still. Our recommendation is to plan your trek so that you arrive at dusk or dawn since the lighting is not only perfect for photos but it brings the Big Buddha’s mysticism all around you. The shining white marble glows in a way that can’t be truly captured with words alone!

hiking to the Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand
How to Get to The Big Buddha

The most authentic way to experience the Big Buddha is on your own two feet…on the pedals of a rental scooter to the mountain base. It’s not too far off from Phuket itself and makes for one hell of a morning or late afternoon day trip. From the base of the hiking trail, it’s a brisk 6km winding path up to the most badass Buddha statue in Phuket province.

If riding a bike isn’t your style, contact our reception at either PARTY by Bodega or Bodega Phuket Party Resort and we can arrange a tour guide for you!

Finally, your last option is hiring a classic red Songthaew truck often costs around 500 baht (each way). This can be done at pretty much any of Phuket’s main beaches (Patong Beach included, which is walking distance from both our hostels).

Big Buddha Phuket tour with Bodega Hostels
The Big Buddha is just one of many great hikes in Phuket.

Sure, hiking in Phuket isn’t the first thing to come to mind, but it’s a great way to become one with nature while giving your liver a break from Bangla Road! Click the image below to read more about other hiking trails in Phuket that are well worth your time:

backpacker guide to hiking in Phuket

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