The Best Saunas in Koh Phangan: Chilling on an Andaman Jewel

Relaxation Therapy: The Best Saunas in Koh Phangan

You don’t have to go far to find a massage centre, a spa or sauna in Thailand. Koh Phangan isn’t any different. The whole island has options right across the board in terms of affordability, offerings and also locations. Trust us, there’s nothing better than a relaxing massage or sauna after a tough night’s slamming buckets and shotgunning beers. What follows is our list of our favourite saunas in Koh Phangan to ease out those hangovers.

Baan Tai Herbal Sauna

Whilst presenting a great spot to relax in, thanks to its cozy garden, you can also find a slot for a massage too. Saunas might seem a bit of an unusual choice in Thailand, being insanely hot all the time… but this one has a decent temperature and doesn’t overwhelm you. Showers are free and unlimited so you can freshen up when you’re done.

Make sure to bring your bathing costume along with your 120 baht entrance fee. You can easily get yourself a fresh coconut or soft drink, but given that you probably can’t wait for your next beer, there’s a Family Mart across the road where you can grab a beer or two.

Anodash Steam Herbal Sauna

Also, in the Baan Tai area, this one specialises in the herbal side of things, makes sense given the name. It’s difficult to find so you’re better of setting your GPS or directions for Ban Sabaii (the psy trance dance venue). The setting is a lovely large garden which goes straight down to the beach. That means you can have a swim in the sea or you can use their pool. That said, it is incredibly cold…

Two saunas are available here. They’re different temperatures so that you can swap between the two until you’re comfortable. Expect to pay around 80 baht to get in, with 20 baht for a towel if you need one. It’s a mixed sauna, so you can bring all your friends. There are plenty of refreshment options, tea, smoothies, milkshakes etc.

Wat Pho Herbal Steaming

Yet another Ban Tai spa, turns out we like it a lot around here. This one is particularly special as it’s a dedicated Buddhist temple that includes a sauna as well. The sauna is run using natural fuel and is stoked fiercely during the day. If the heat is too much for you, consider going later in the day as the fires begin to die down.

This spa isn’t unisex, so guys and girls will be separated. It’ll be 100 baht for you to get in but you get a sarong included. You can, of course, bring your own towels as your bikini or board shorts alone won’t be enough. You can leave your stuff in their handy lockers, bring your own padlock. The best part?! There are also lots of friendly dogs! You can even get food to feed them!

Bonus: One Love Dome Sauna

We’ll let the magic of video tell you everything about this place because it’s a truly unique experience that you may want to consider (especially for couples)!

Take Your Time at the Best Saunas in Koh Phangan

Some of the saunas will allow you to call ahead and book but most of the time, if you’re flexible, you can just turn up. Don’t just rush the sauna, you can relax in the gardens, have a few drinks and generally make your pounding headache feel better.

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