The 5 Best Restaurants to Get Pizza in Chiang Mai

We know that sometimes all you crave is a bit of food from home, so we’ve thrown together some tips on where to find the best pizza in Chiang Mai. Noodles and Thai curries are all very well but what about melted cheese? And a crispy base? And all those delicious toppings?! Yep, there are times when only pizza will do, so here’s where to head when the mood strikes.

Pulcinella da Stefano

Starting with somewhere authentically Italian, Pulcinella da Stefano is the creation of a chef who wants to bring the food of his homeland to the lucky residents of Chiang Mai. The result is something quite delicious, with the pizzas being turned out thin and crunchy and the pastas being dished up creamy and sauce-heavy. There’s a good range of salads and sides and the menu is sympathetic to allergies, with gluten free options available for most items. The décor is traditionally Italian and brings a rural restaurant in Tuscany to mind.

Address: 2/1-2 Chiang Moi Kao Road, Chiang Mai 50300

Hours of Operation: 11:30am – 11:00pm

Phone: 053 874189

Flight 52

Up next is a Bodega favorite, Flight 52. This is a pizza place with a difference, serving up world class tapas alongside all the usual classics and boasting a menu that was created with the help of a Michelin-starred Danish chef. The vibe here is modern and relaxed, with none of the stuffiness you might expect to find at a restaurant with food as good as this. They’re rightly proud of their pizza sauce which takes 2 days to make, and have put together a comprehensive drinks list that includes plenty of beers and ciders and some excellent wines. Highly recommended.

Address: 8 Loi Khro, Chiang Mai 50100

Hours of Operation: 4:00pm – 12:00am

Phone: 095 674 3052

where to eat pizza in Chiang Mai
Monday Sick Leave

Our next pick is the unusually named Monday Sick Leave, which presumably refers to the fact that they like to get you drunk as well as full of pizza! All good with us so far. You might recognize the red cups that they serve their drinks in – yep, they’re the same red solo cups that we use for beer pong at Bodega so you’ll feel right at home! The pizza is good, thin and crispy and with a reasonable range of toppings, and they offer big sharing bowls of salad in case you want to grab a healthy starter before the cheese turns up. There’s craft beer on the menu here, in common with a few other places across town.

Address: 146/1 Srijundon Road, Chang Khlan, Behind Lanna Palace Hotel, Chiang Mai

Hours of Operation: 5:30pm – 11:30pm (closed Mondays)

Phone: 093 165 1782

Street Pizza

Street has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a small truck by the side of the road, but the changes have all been positive. Their menu is a real fusion of western and Thai flavors so this is a good place to come to try something different; our favorite is the Nar-Wad which combines wild boar with Thai basil for an East-meets-West combination. Chuck in a Korean kimchi version, a smoked salmon version and even a sweet pear and almond version and you won’t be stuck for unusual dinner choices! Come prepared to eat al fresco, as all the seating is outside, but that just adds to the atmosphere for us.

Address: 7-15 Tha Pae Road, Chang Moi, Chiang Mai

Hours of Operation: 12:00pm – 23:00pm (closed Mondays)

Phone: 085 073 5746


Ending somewhere high class, Italics is the house restaurant inside the Akyra Manor hotel which is Nimman’s only five star accommodation. Don’t let the credentials put you off though as pizzas start at an affordable $6 and you’re going to get great quality for your money! The menu aims to reflect the pedigree of the hotel so look out for truffle oil, burrata cheese and imported parma ham amongst other delicious options. There’s a chef’s table here if you’re looking to impress, or you could choose to eat upstairs at Rise , the hotel’s rooftop bar that has a sunset view to remember.  

Address: 22/2 Nimmanheimin Road Soi 9, Chiang Mai

Hours of Operation: 7:00am – 11:00pm

Phone: 053 216 219