The Best Hidden Beaches in Phuket That Tourists Haven’t Ruined (Yet)!

The Sound of Silence: The Best Hidden Beaches in Phuket Without the Tourist Crowds

If you want a holiday in paradise then Phuket certainly fits the bill, with its’ sun-soaked beaches and golden sands. The downside? Everyone else knows about it too, and sometimes it can feel that most of them are there with you! Thankfully, there are a handful of hidden beaches in Phuket that are relatively unvisited by the average tourist!

High season, low season, it doesn’t really matter- Phuket is busy. A wander down Bangla Road is never a solitary experience! So you might think that escaping to the coast for a quiet getaway might bring you some relief? Well that might be true, but only if you know where to go!

Phuket’s most famous beaches are packed with pleasure-seekers every day of the year. To get a calmer, more relaxed experience you have to pick your spot! Here are our recommendations for five hidden Phuket beaches that the tourist crowds haven’t ruined yet.

Freedom Beach

This is a relaxed little spot on the south west side of the peninsula below Patong Bay. It’s naturally quieter because there is no public transport here and the big coach tours don’t venture down the small access road. The entry fee is 200 baht (which covers the maintenance of the path down the cliff to the sand) but that’s it- there is no resort here so there’s no charge to be on the sand itself. Small palm-roofed beach huts are available for hire and it’s a really nice change from the hustle and bustle of Patong.

Location: South west of Patong Bay. Use an online map to find the location and then head there under your own steam

palm trees on the beaches in koh samui, thailand

Nai Thon Beach

You may not have heard of Nai Thon before, but that’s a good thing because lots of other people haven’t either! Located in the north of the peninsula near the airport, it’s set apart from the usual tourist areas and has a much more remote vibe than its southern neighbors. Come here for a relaxing swim and cold beer without the crowds.

Location: Off route 4018 to the south of the airport

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Kata Noi Beach

If you think you know Kata Noi Beach then you may be thinking of its larger, northern sister beach, simply called Kata. The difference between the two is quite marked; Kata Noi lacks the strip of development that characterizes Kata beach, and the empty expanse of sand reflect this. The water is clear here so it’s a great place for snorkeling and the food on offer in the local eateries is cheap and delicious.

Location: Off route 4233 to the south of Kata beach

Paradise Beach

This next pick is a bit more developed, but still falls firmly into the category of places that haven’t been ruined by tourists! Paradise Beach is a picture-perfect strip of sand complete with wooden rope swing (Instagram opportunity, anyone?) and a couple of lovely bars and restaurants. Access to the beach is 500 baht as it’s privately owned but that is converted into credits for food and drink so it’s a good value destination. Jump on the free shuttle transport from Patong Bay (we did say it wasn’t quite as quiet as the rest!) and kick back for the day.

Location: On the north side of the peninsula below Patong Bay

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Mai Khao Beach

Another beach up in the north near the airport, Mai Khao is as quiet as it gets in Phuket. The coastline here is flat and stretches for miles, so you can stand on the beach with great views in either direction with nothing to break up the space but the occasional beach umbrella spilling out from one of the private resorts. This isn’t the place to come to party but it’s the perfect place to chill out.

Location: Northern Phuket, to the north of the airport

Visiting Hidden Beaches in Phuket is Time-Sensitive!

So there you have it- our pick of the best hidden beaches in Phuket that the crowds haven’t heard about yet. Our advice is to go as soon as you can because now the secret’s out, everyone will want to go!

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