Sinking Cups and Dominating the Table: Beer Pong Tournaments

Beer Pong Tournaments: How to Be the Very Best

Beer Pong is the ultimate drinking game. It matches skill, team play and, well, drinking. Here at Bodega, we take beer pong seriously. So seriously in fact, that we hold regular beer pong tournaments. We’ve also got our own Thai version of Fear Pong if you’re looking for something more wild. Think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned tournament champion? Sign on up! Looking for tips? Read on.

It Take Two to Tango

Sure, you can play beer pong solo, but where’s the fun in that? For a tournament you’ll need a partner. Picking that partner is crucial. Sure, that guy you met last night tells the greatest stories, or that girl from your dorm knows where the best satay’s at, but can they sink cups? They need to be able to hold their beer well enough to keep their aim, and at least have some hand-eye coordination. Vet people carefully!

Failure to Prepare is Preparation for Failure

Going completely sober into a beer pong game isn’t recommended. People call it Dutch Courage and it works. Take a drink or two before the first game to ease yourself in and settle pre-game nerves. Don’t over-do it though, no one wants to see a game where you can’t even hit the table, let alone a cup.

As they say, knowledge is power so make sure you brush up on your beer pong history. You never know what little tidbit of info will change your game!

Bodega Hostels beer pong tournaments

Practice Makes Perfect

When all is said and done, beer pong is a skill-based game. It’s a skill that can be practiced and therefore mastered. There is an element of luck, sure, but if you rehearse and learn your throw then you’ll be unstoppable. Different balls have different weights. Some players like the additional weight that gets added by left-over beer or water. Some stand further back from the table, or on an angle. You need to practice your throws and work out what works for you.

Throw with Purpose

Don’t just launch the ball down the table and hope for the best. Stare down the cup that you want. Keeping your eye on the prize acts as an aim and will naturally pull your throw towards it. It’s the same as any other throwing or hitting sport. If you don’t look at the target then there’s no chance you’ll hit it.

beer pong tournaments in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Get Inside Your Opponents Head

Psychiatric warfare is a key part of beer pong, and you want to try and outsmart your opponent. Throw down some smack, remind them how bad they are at this game. Just remember that you need to be able to take whatever you give!

We’ll be writing several guides on beer pong mindgames in the future, so make sure to give our Facebook Page a Like!

Learn the Rules

There are many rules for beer pong. Different places play with different rules, set ups and codes of conduct. You’ll want to check the house rules before you start. Some places allow you to have your elbow over the end of the table whereas others will throw you out the door if you try that. Certain tournaments have different rules for bounce shots and or direct shots. These regularly vary by country, so seeing as you’ll be playing with people from all over, share your rules and agree what the terms are before starting. If you’re planning on playing with us (and you should) then check out the Bodega house rules:

Bodega Hostels Beer Pong Rules

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