The BodegaHostels Bangla Road Guide: The Best Party in Thailand

Cheap drinks and live music, what more could you want? Bangla Road is walking distance from Bodega Phuket, so you know you’ll end up there at some point when staying with us. The Khao San Road of Phuket is a party of its own. Today, we’ll be covering everything you expect of a Bangla Road guide and more: where to start your night, where the cheapest drinks are, who has the best music, etc.

Bring a Liver of Steel and a Heart of Gold

Bangla Road is packed with some pretty badass clubs, live music and tons to check out. From the moment you step foot on the party street of Phuket, you’ll be a speck in the gigantic crowd. Music floods your ears and it won’t be long before someone’s trying to sell you on their drink specials. It can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon get used to it!

The one thing that sets it apart from Khao San Road is that you can get a wider range of experiences. If the bustling streets are becoming tiresome, head to one of the quieter restaurants. On the flip side, there are disco-balls hanging atop dance floors with your name on it. These places immediately stand out from the madness with crazy decor – one of them even has life-size model tigers leaping out of the building!

Soi Gonzo

Soi Gonzo is closest to Patong Beach, along with many other beer bars. Take note of its location since that’s where Aussie Bar is! Many use that as a meeting grounds while partying on Bangla Road. We like heading down Soi Gonzo for a change of pace – grab a burger and chill with a beer before heading back to the clubs.

Soi Vegas

You’ll find a bit of everything walking down Soi Gonzo. This is the place that makes Bangla Road have diversity: beer bars, go-go bars and even an Ice Bar! When the heat starts taking its toll on you, head there and literally chill out in minus 20 degree heaven. We’d also recommend the infamous Moulin Rouge. This is the area to be later in the night once the crowd starts filling in.

Soi Tiger

Sometimes I get an itch to play some billiards and I bet some of you reading do too. Soi Tiger will scratch that itch – head to the back area and you’ll be covered. The ground level has dozens of beer bars and there’s a nightclub upstairs called Tiger Nightclub that plays a bit of everything. Our favorite spots here are Sharky’s Bar and Crazy Horse Bar. For anyone planning on being out late, Tiger Nightclub is the place to be. It’s open the latest of any club on Bangla Road.

Soi Sea Dragon

Soi Sea Dragon is best known for its go-go bars. There’s 3 famous go-go bars here: Suzy Wong’s, Diablo A Go-Go and The Devil’s Playground. Those places aren’t my style and if they aren’t yours either, check out Octopus Sports & Pool Bar. It’s the alternative to Aussie Bar on Soi Gonzo and usually less packed.

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

Drinking on Bangla Road all night doesn’t come cheap. Individual drink prices may seem reasonable enough but it adds up quick if you don’t take advantage of drink specials that you’re sold while walking around. Sometimes you get a free shot. Sometimes you get 3 drinks for the price of 2. Sometimes you just book our Phuket Pub Crawl so you don’t have to wear about all that. ?

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