The Bangkok Ghost Tower: The Peak of Urban Exploration in Bangkok

The Bangkok Ghost Tower*, originally known as the Sathorn Unique Tower, is an abandoned skyscraper in the Silom district of Bangkok, Thailand. Just a short walk away from Sathorn Pier and the Saphan Taksin BTS stop, with views of its sister building, The State Tower (famous for its Sky Bar, featured in the movie Hangover Part II), to the North and the Chao Phraya river to the West.

The construction of this 47 story building ceased in 1997 as a result of the Asian financial crisis. Now, it’s a derelict skeleton of an 80% finished luxury skyscraper, used predominantly as a giant Apple billboard. Some lucky few have the opportunity to go inside and climb to the top of this massive tower of concrete and metal! I will share how we did it, in hopes others can enjoy this unique look over Bangkok as much as we did!

Please Note: This is a Guest Blog by Caitlin McGarry. You can find her on Instagram or check out her other adventures on her blog, Boho Travel Hippie.

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Bangkok Ghost Tower view

What to Wear and Bring to The Bangkok Ghost Tower

view from the Bangkok Ghost Tower
4 viewpoints of the Bangkok Ghost Tower

How to Get to Bangkok The Ghost Tower

As mentioned above, you can easily access the Tower from the river via Sathorn Pier, the Saphan Taksin BTS stop or take a tuk-tuk, taxi or Grab to the general area.

Bangkok Ghost Tower view from the BTS
View of the Bangkok Ghost Tower from Saphan Taksin BTS

How to Get into The Ghost Tower

You will see an alleyway that leads to the front of the Tower. Walk down it. There’s a fence to the right, the guards sit near the 1st and 2nd pillars on the ground floor a little set back.

The hard part is getting their attention. It’s a bit difficult to see them over the tall fence, and they don’t usually respond to you if you just try to yell for them. If height is on your side you can look over the fence to get their attention. If not, like us, you will have to get creative, for example, my boyfriend put me on his shoulders so they could see us.

Next, you bribe them. I had heard some people had been let in for as low as 250 THB per person, however, they wouldn’t accept anything less than 1,000 THB per person (about $30USD) when we went. That was fine by us, it was well worth it!

One guard let us in the gate in the fence. They were being pretty sketchy about it, looking around nervously. Told us to stay on the sides facing away from The State Tower building because there are police with binoculars looking for trespassers (not sure I entirely believe that). They walked us up a flight of stairs, unlocked a door, told us we had 1 hour in the building, and pad locked the door behind us.

entrance to the Bangkok Ghost Tower
Waiting for guards to come reopen the pad locked door for us.

Once in the Tower…

Make a mad dash for the top (since they say you only have an hour and it takes about 10 minutes to make it all the way up, without stopping). It took us about 20 minutes to get the the top, because we stopped on a few floors to check it out (recommended).

About 3/4 of the way up, the main staircase will end. Turn right down the hallway to find the next staircase that leads up the rest of the way.

Spend the rest of your time looking out over expansive Bangkok, but don’t forget to account for the time it takes to get back down the stairs! (But again, I’m not positive the time limit thing really matters… we didn’t want to risk it though).

So, if you want to do something off the beaten path, and a little illegal, give this a shot! I promise you will not be disappointed! It’s a thrilling experience coupled with some of the most spectacular and unique views of beautiful Bangkok!


This is not technically legal, and can be unsafe. Be smart, don’t do anything stupid, and please don’t ruin it for anyone else!! Thank you 🙂