Bangkok’s Death Museum: Not for The Faint Hearted

The Land of Smiles. Golden, glittering temples. Endless jungle and beautiful beaches. That’s what most associate with Thailand. If you get to the stage where you fancy something a little different though, or you’re just intrigued by the odd and bizarre, then the Bangkok Death Museum might be just up your street. It’s easily one of the most unusual experiences in Bangkok you can go through!

This isn’t your usual tourist attraction. This museum essentially exhibits every gory and gruesome detail that could be linked with death. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but for many it’s full of interest and intrigue. So, what could you expect to see at the Death museum?

Read on, as long as you’ve not just eaten lunch that is…

What’s there?

The museum itself is actually called the Siriraj Hospital. It has 6 main, permanent areas to explore. These sections offer light hearted and easy viewing topics such as birth defects and anatomy disorders or injuries. There are plenty of signs to help you navigate but you might need assistance every now and then. The staff will happily help you.

The only exhibition that is separate to the rest is the anatomy exhibition which is in a different building altogether. When you enter into that particular building you’ll be immediately greeted with an array of actual human body parts and organs neatly lined up in jars for your viewing pleasure. Not enough for you? Move on down to the babies in jars aisle… Not just the one but an entire aisle. Still not enough? Search out the much larger embalming cases, which easily fit entire adults in instead. Perfectly preserved in embalming fluid.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you’re interested in seeing the difference between Hollywood and real life then head to the photograph and remains section, dedicated to the worst of injuries. Here you can see photos and the remaining body parts (encased of course) from victims of gunshots, stab wounds and road traffic accidents. Trust us, a gunshot wound is nowhere near as neat as it is in the movies. You can also have a look at the remains of a serial killer who was sentenced to death by mummification.

Be wary of the parasite section, it may well put you off your food for the rest of your life! It is quite incredible how many parasites there are out there. Just nearby, if you want something to take your mind off parasites, is the 75 m wide (75 metres!) scrotum. It came from an elephantiasis victim.

How to Get to the Death Museum

The easiest route is to take the ferry to the west bank of the Chao Phraya. It’s regular, cheap and quick. The entrance fee for the museum is 40 baht a head.

#BodegaHostels Insider Tip

Photography is strictly prohibited within the museum, though many people sneak a photo or two. That said, we wouldn’t be too worried about taking photos. There are plenty available online and they probably won’t make it into the final album cut.