Ancient Aliens Thailand: UFO Sightings and Essential Ruins of Thailand

Made by Ancient Aliens or Not, You Need to Visit These Ruins of Thailand

When it comes to exploring Ancient Aliens in Thailand, you’re in for a treat. Unexplained sightings, incredible ruins and mysterious happenings are abound. Tales of the unexpected go hand in hand with a search for ancient aliens in Thailand. You’re faced with an incredible experience and a whole host of sites to explore, stories to hear and places to visit.

In fact, when exploring these places it’s difficult to come to any explanation other than alien intervention. The huge structures of Ayutthaya, the incredible temples of Lopburi and the wildness of Sukhothai. The Buddhist influences are clear here, with beautiful Buddha statues lining the ancient walls, but surely these structures couldn’t have been crafted, created and hewn from the rock by human hands alone? Thinking that aliens might have had an influence or hand in their creation? You’re not the only one.


This incredible park, not too far from Bangkok, plays host to some of the most incredible ancient ruins in the whole of Thailand. During the 13th to 18th centuries, Ayutthaya was developed and grew as a whole kingdom. When it was at its most powerful it was considered to be the greatest and richest kingdom in the whole of the Asian continent, and you can tell.

The statues here are as magnificent as they are imposing. Even though the splendor has seen its fair share of pillaging and looting, the main structures remain. The most photo worthy of all are the gigantic reclining Buddha and the ever famous faces that appear out of the roots of ancient trees. These beautifully crafted shrines and sacred temples certainly don’t appear worthy of human hands, especially when you consider they were crafted over 300 years ago.

where Ancient Aliens in Thailand to build Ayutthaya?

Sukhothai and Lopburi

Both considerably further away than the convenient Ayutthaya, these ancient cities hold just as much marvel and splendor. Lopburi is famous thanks to its local population of marauding monkeys, always a visitor favorite. Sukhothai, on the other hand, plays host to somewhat unusual Cambodian influenced temples. Think of the spires of Angkor Wat and you’re some way towards imagining what the “Dawn of Happiness” looks like.

Sukhothai Historical Park ancient city and temple ruins

Scratching the Ancient Aliens Itch

Visiting temples is one thing, but you won’t have to get out of the city to begin hearing about strange goings on. In fact, there are often alien talks going on in Bangkok. Back in 2017, in a local hotel, the UFO Kaokala group met with over 200 members to hear guest speakers, share stories and experiences and generally explore the concept of alien life. The group is so known thanks to Kao Kala Hill where there have been multiple reported sightings over recent years.

At some talks you’ll hear from leading Thai UFOligist, Dr Debhanom Muangman who believes that aliens don’t just visit our planets for research but also, much like yourself, consider visiting Earth to “come on holidays or to meet ancient human relatives.”

If you’re lucky enough to get along to a meeting you’ll meet a whole host of characters. Including some who will calmly explain to you how the aliens communicate with them about forthcoming natural disasters.

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