Alcoholic Ice Cream in Bangkok is Snow Joke

A new culinary sensation, merging the frozen wonder of ice cream with everyone’s favorite alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic ice cream in Bangkok is fusion at its best!

There’s a new kid on the block in the ever-popular Bangkok food scene, and this one is a bit unusual for this part of the world. In a city where the temperatures frequently soar to 100 degrees plus, a frozen treat is taking over the streets.

Move over Pad Thai, the biggest thing in modern Thai cuisine is alcoholic ice cream! With flavors ranging from standard western spirits poured over on vanilla all the way up to fusion ice creams containing traditional Thai flavorings mixed with gin, rum and whisky, this is an innovative trend that’s going from strength to strength.

What’s your flavor?

First you need to choose what kind of alcoholic ice cream you’re after. Do you want a shot of a western-style spirit poured over a scoop of ice cream of your choosing? That’s OK, it’s a simple mix but an effective one. You might want to be more adventurous though, and that’s fine too. What about a sangria ice cream with red wine and brandy mixed in? It’s delicious! Or a chocolate peppermint version with mint liqueur mixed in? Perfect on a hot day.

Some local joints have developed their own flavor profile, and you can grab a Thai noodle soup or Japanese miso bowl ice cream if you want to change it up. They all feature some combination of booze and ice cream so you really can’t go that far wrong!

The Best Locations for a Fix

A few years ago, there was only one alcoholic ice cream retailer in Bangkok, but as the popularity of this fun dessert has exploded so has the number of cafes and bars giving it a go. The Ryn Café in Sukhumvit is on a mission to help people appreciate the tastes of different kinds of alcohol without taking it all too seriously. Classics like rum and vanilla ‘Snow White Raised A Cow’, 150 baht) fly off the shelves.

Ryn Cafe has the best alcoholic ice cream in Bangkok

Amaltery Adult Ice Cream parlor is another good bet. These guys are experts at the ‘cocktail’ icecream, taking scoops of frozen deliciousness and smothering them in cocktail ingredients. Margarita, B52 or Long Island Iced Tea anyone? They all taste better in frozen form!

Our last recommendation is Poptales. They claim they were the first company to bring alcoholic ice cream to the city, and the two sisters who own the company are passionate about educating the public about the joys this unusual dessert. Pop in for a Tom Yum soup version and you’ll be amazed!

Fair Warning

It sounds obvious given the ingredients, but some people find it hard to believe that you can get drunk on these boozy delights. You can, very much so! This isn’t ice cream with the flavor of alcohol added, this is the real deal. Watch the shots flow into your bowl and be warned. A trip to one of these ice cream parlors is probably the start of a good night out!