When it comes to traveling and road trips, there are different options for you to choose from. Throughout the years RVs have been a popular option and they never seem to go out of style. 

Why is that? What are the main advantages of RVs and why have they stayed popular for so long? These are some of the questions which we will answer in this article. Stay tuned to learn why is the world’s most famous road trip vehicle an RV.

Compromising comfort – true or false?

Many people tend to overlook just how convenient RVs are due to some myths about them and because they think that they require a lot of compromises regarding cooking, heating, and similar. As experts on this topic over at smartexploring.com explain, no matter your preferences – be it a premium dining table or a more flexible camping table, having an efficient portable stove, water, heating systems, or gear storage, there are a lot of options that can ensure that you aren’t compromising comfort and convenience. That being said though, the most important thing in order to enjoy this experience as much as possible, it’s vital that you figure out what things are most important to you.

Considering the fact that RVs are highly customizable, you can do pretty much anything that comes to your mind with them in order to boost your convenience, and you surely aren’t going to have to compromise if you plan well and take time to do your research.

You have total flexibility

If you are a person who likes to travel but doesn’t like schedules, waiting for other people, and not having enough freedom to explore on your own if you are on an organized trip, an RV is basically the perfect option for you. 

When traveling by an RV, you have the total freedom to go whenever and wherever you want, to stop somewhere or take a turn whenever you feel like it. The thing you should keep in mind is checking the maximum trip length on your travel insurance plan, just so you don’t lose protection. Be sure to get the full-hookup site, so that you can connect to electricity, water, and sewer.

It is cheaper

Even though you have to pay for gas, insurance, RV park fees as well as renting or maybe buying the RV itself, the cost of traveling with an RV really pays off. You don’t have to pay for hotels, airfare, restaurant meals, and so on. Of course, the trips where it pays off the most is when you are traveling with a larger group of people. If you are a true RV enthusiast, you might want to consider buying one. 

Connect with nature

If you like spending time in the mountains, or next to the ocean, Instead of looking for a hotel in nature, why not bring the hotel with you? Connecting with nature is probably one of the best advantages when it comes to traveling by an RV. It allows you to enjoy your natural surroundings, and sleep comfortably and safely as well, not worrying about the weather conditions or bugs, animals, and similar.

You can go up in the mountains, chill by the sea, or even go to the desert – the options for beautiful destinations are pretty much endless. And there is no worrying about the outside wildlife since you are inside your comfortable cocoon. Practically, the options are infinite.

You can bring everything you need

It can be annoying when you are packing your suitcase, but its weight exceeds the airplane company’s limitations. When you are traveling by an RV, you can bring your favorite coffee mug, a pile of books you would like to read, some board games, and as many snacks as you want. Basically, you can bring the comforts of home everywhere you go.

Keep in mind RV’s cargo-carrying capacity. This is a number you can find on the label inside the cabinet or closet. Even though you can carry a lot of things with you, be sure that you do not exceed this value since packing excessively can be a safety hazard. Excessive packing can strain your brakes, tires, and axles and potentially cause an accident.

A great way for social distancing

If you don’t like big crowds, RV traveling can be a great alternative to traveling by plane or by train. Unlike in those ways of traveling, in an RV, you do not have to use the public restrooms. You don’t have to endure sharing your personal space with rude strangers. Instead, you are able to sleep, cook, eat, and wash up in the privacy of your own space.

RV travel

To wrap things up

In the end, everyone has different preferences when it comes to pretty much everything, which naturally means that not everyone is going to enjoy RVs. But for those adventure lovers that enjoy freely traveling and exploring wherever they want and on their own means – opting for an RV is probably your best option out there.