A Guide to the Best Cafes in Pai for Digital Nomads in 2023

Picture this: You’re surrounded by lush green, rolling hills and enveloped by the sweet symphony of tropical birds. The blue skies stretch wide above you, and the river nearby gurgles as it makes its way through the forest. You find yourself in the charming little village of Pai. Over the years, Pai has become a magnet for digital nomads and adventurous backpackers looking for an inspiring workspace amidst stunning natural landscapes. If you’re working remotely, this guide will take you on a journey through the best cafés in Pai that offer great coffee and speedy WiFi as well as an unforgettable ambiance. 

Om Garden Cafe: A Serene Oasis

Tucked away from bustling parts of Pai, Om Garden Cafe offers a tranquil escape. With a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seating options and free high-speed WiFi, Om Garden Café makes for the perfect place to zone in and execute your tasks for the day. Alternatively, it’s also the perfect place to chill out with a good book. 

Savor the taste of their delicious organic coffee, paired with a healthy food menu along with plenty of vegan options. The café is an open-air space, enclosed by plants on all sides, giving you a taste of the beautiful outdoors while enjoying the comfortable indoors.

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Hotel des Artist: European Charm in Central Pai

Nestled within a boutique hotel, Hotel des Artist has a lovely cafe that serves good coffee and a range of breakfast options like muesli and special omelets. The café has mostly outdoor seating with some tables in a shaded area. They have charging stations and free WiFi and, even though it’s located at the end of Walking Street, it’s still a fairly comfortable environment to concentrate and get some work done. 

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Dacha Tree Café: A Retreat for Sustainability Enthusiasts

Step into the bohemian-style cafe by Good Life Dacha and experience a laid-back vibe that promotes sustainability and organic ingredients. They have a wide range of beverages, including kombucha, herbal teas and healthy smoothies. With communal workspaces and comfortable seating areas, this cafe invites you to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle while enjoying their eco-friendly atmosphere. 

Good Life Dacha is a popular community space, so you’re bound to meet some interesting people here who can give you travel tips and advice for your stay. You can also sign up for health and wellness classes at Dacha, like yoga and ice bath therapy. 

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Khaotha: Discover Local Coffee Blends

For a hidden gem in Pai, look no further than Khaotha. Known for its delectable coffee and relaxing ambiance, this cafe is a true gem. What sets Khaotha apart from other cafes in Pai is their emphasis on locally grown coffee blends. If you’re a coffee nut like we are, and you have a passion for local produce – this cafe is a must-try.

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Bodega Hostel: A Social Hub for Work & Chill

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are already staying at Bodega. If you’re not, allow us to give you one more great reason to choose to stay with us while you’re in Pai. Bodega Pai has both private rooms and social dormitories, depending on your preference. We also have large community spaces here, with two open-air decks where you can plug in, log on and make that money while you enjoy the comfort of having a bar, café AND restaurant in the same place.

Free WiFi is a given, but did you know that we also have a garden where you can relax in between meetings. We’re located just by the river, giving you the opportunity to take walks around the garden and soak in the natural beauty of Pai while staying connected to the rest of the world. You’re also likely to meet fellow digital nomads while you’re here, making this the perfect place to execute your goals for the day.

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As you venture through Pai, don’t miss out on exploring these top-notch cafes that cater to the needs of digital nomads and adventurous backpackers. Embrace the ultimate blend of work and adventure in this extraordinary town. Discover your favorite workspace while immersing yourself in the enchanting culture, breathtaking nature, and welcoming community of Pai.

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