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vr cafe Chiang Mai - Samsung Gear

VR Café Chiang Mai: Virtual Escapism for the Backpackers that Love Gaming

Move Over Real Life: Entering VR Café Chiang Mai

While Chiang Mai is best known for its laid-back atmosphere and being close to wonders of nature, there’s another type of escape at your disposal: VR Café Chiang Mai!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you will no doubt have heard about virtual reality or VR. Gone are the days where VR is pure science fiction thanks to the likes of relatively cheap virtual reality systems that you can get for your own home. Plus, there are more and more bars, cafes and arcades geared up for virtual reality. Whether it be gaming or social, there’s something for everyone!

VR Cafe Chiang Mai, Thailand

The future is here, grandpa!

So virtual reality is all about being able to explore a virtual world (get it)? Sometimes you’ll be able to simply travel around the world and search for new adventures, in others you’ll end up in a shooter to fight against hordes of enemies. Our personal favorite game so far is a bomb disposal game where you wear the headset and your friends are primed with a code book. Your mission is to dispose increasingly difficult bombs using only your descriptive powers and your friend’s communication abilities.

There are whole communities online now who live in virtual worlds. They craft avatars, build their own virtual homes and generally live their lives online. In fact, Samsung have thousands of subscribers to their Gear collection.

Who’s to say what’s up next? There are already some incredible first-person shooting experiences in the pipelines, along with treadmills that the player runs on for a fully immersive experience.

Chiang Mai’s Only Virtual Reality Café

Take your pick from adventure, horror, space and sports. Some of the most popular are the relatively easy Zombie Training Simulator and the slightly more complicated co-operative game Eagle Flight. The classic mobile game Fruit Ninja is also absolutely brilliant in VR.

Feeling hungry? Thankfully there’s a whole panoramic café which serves up Thai food, salads and snacks. There’s also a lounge bar to wet your whistle and make the VR experience all the more entertaining.

Depending on both how into VR you are and also how long you’re in Chiang Mai, there are 2 options to pay for your time in the café. You can be a casual/drop in user where you pay per visit, or you can be a regular member which offers an incredible 50% discount. Memberships involve more cash up front but you only need one card per family unit! If you’re looking to host a party you can hire out the whole café for parties and events.

Hours of Operation: 2 PM – 11:30 PM (Closed Mondays)

Address: Le Dta’Wan, 456 86/1 Sridonchai Road

virtual reality cafe Chiang Mai, Thailand

Virtual Reality Café Insider Tip

Don’t get sucked into one game and stick to it every time. There’s a whole catalogue of titles, all of which are worth a go. If you’re normally a shooter fan, try the sports games. Into racing? Try one of the immersive horror story games. You’ll love them all!