Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Tour

Join us on our Chiang Mai Grand Canyon tour, where we challenge each other through the floating water park course, ziplining and more!

Chaing Mai Grand Canyon Tour

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Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Tour: The Floating Obstacle Course

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Tour Days: We run the tour every Monday and Friday, but make sure to confirm your tour date with our staff at Bodega Chiang Mai before booking! They’re best reached through our Bodega Chiang Mai Facebook Page or you can email!

Price: 850 baht

What You Get:

  • 1 Full Day of Water Park Obstacle Course and More!
  • Transportation to and from Bodega Chiang Mai
  • Life jacket and safety harness for activities that need some safety
  • 1 Free Beer!
  • Arrival back at the hostel just in time for happy hour ?

Departure: 1 PM (roughly)

What You Need to Bring With You:

  • Sunscreen
  • Cameras / Phones (Waterproof would be ideal!)
  • Waterproof bag to store your things safely
  • Swimwear

The Grand Canyon Water Park is Tiring…

I repeat: The Grand Canyon Water Park is tiring! It can really take a lot out of you, so make sure you’ve eaten lunch and rested well because it’s more exhausting than it looks. That goes double for those of you going on the tour hungover.  We’ve had a couple tour groups visit Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon recently, only to be too tired out after just an hour in the water and on the obstacle course. Don’t underestimate it. ?

About the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon Water Park

For many, safety isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when planning out exciting activities while backpacking. For the rest of us regular people, you can rest assured because this tour is far from dangerous. There are well-trained lifeguards who speak English and Thai on duty at all times and proper safety gear included in your ticket price. In the rare event that something does happen, accident insurances is also covered by your ticket. Not too shabby. Go wild!

If you take a look at our tour photos, you’ll see a wide variety of things to do at the water park. Besides the obvious contenders like the obstacle course’s 10+ meter tall waterslides and the 2 ziplines, spanning 400 meters, you’ll also be able to go kayaking and canoeing.

Grand Canyon Tour Add-Ons:

  • Locker Rental: 50 Baht
  • Camera Rental: 600 Baht with Refundable 2000 Baht Deposit
  • Floating Bubble Rental: 100 Baht with Refundable 200 Baht Deposit