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Bloodline Tattoo partnership with Bodega Hostels

Bloodline Tattoo x Bodega: A Partnership That’s More Than Skin Deep

Bloodline Tattoo: Get yourself a lifelong souvenir from Thailand!

Here at Bodega we want you to get the most out of your trip to Thailand, and that includes helping you get the best souvenir. Forget about the crappy bottle openers and knock-off t-shirts, the hands-down best way to celebrate your trip to the Land of Smiles is from Bloodline Tattoo!

Luckily for you guys we’ve put together a partnership with the best in the business, Bloodline Tattoo, so you know you’ll get a quality design in a safe, clean environment. These guys will look after you and even better, they’re sponsoring our Chiang Mai and Phuket pub crawls!

All Bodega guests will get a discount on any tattoos they get at Bloodline.

Discount varies based on size, complexity of the piece, etc.

The Art Speaks for Itself

They certainly know their ink down under, and Bloodline Tattoos is proudly Ozzie owned. The staff are some of the best award winning artists in South East Asia and take pleasure in being able to create unique pieces to your exact requirements. If you need proof of how good they are, check out their awards cabinet! Bloodline artists have beaten international competitors for the past 3 years to win top spots in black & grey, realism and color categories at major tattoo conventions.

You want a small, discreet design of something that’s meaningful to you? Yep, they’re good at that. Or how about asking them to come up with a full sleeve of their own design? They’re great at that too! Responsive artists plus talented design work equals happy customers, and Bloodline certainly have plenty of those, just check them out on Facebook:

Bloodline Tatoo Patong Phuket

Trust us, you’re in safe hands.

Unlike some other tattoo places, Bloodline doesn’t take risks with your health. Both their studios maintain Australian health code hygiene standards and they only use single-use disposable tattoo equipment. Worried that you might have a reaction to local tattoo ink? Don’t worry, that’s imported too so you know you’re in safe hands. Nothing is reused and the environment is completely safe and sterile.

Pick your Style

You don’t just have to choose a normal tattoo with a gun, because Bloodline are also experts in the traditional bamboo tattoos that local monks have been getting for years. No one at home has got one of these, but you could! Disposable needles are hand-tapped into the skin using a bamboo rod, causing a lot less damage and pain than a normal tattoo with a much quicker healing time. Take a look at the portfolios on their website to get an idea of the insane results you can get from bamboo tattooing.

Bloodline Tattoo shop in Phuket, Thailand

Saving the best for last…

So Bloodline are obviously masters of tattooing, but are they good guys? Yep, for real! They’ve just joined the Bodega family and are sponsoring our epic pub crawls in Chiang Mai and Phuket. If you haven’t joined one of our pub crawls yet then you’re doing something wrong. We start the night with a few drinking games (who doesn’t love a few rounds of beer pong?), make sure everyone is amped and then head out for an incredible night of fun and wild partying. Hangovers? Yes. The best time in Thailand? Yes!

Bloodline, we love you, and it’s great to have you on board!

Bloodline Tattoo Chiang Mai, Thailand