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Fly High at the New Trampoline Park in Chiang Mai

Fly High at the New Trampoline Park in Chiang Mai

Put A Spring in Your Step at 50Fly Trampoline Park Chiang Mai

Hidden amongst the temples and art galleries of this amazing city is 50Fly Trampoline Park Chiang Mai, the city’s newest entertainment complex and a whole lot of fun. 50Fly is the biggest trampoline park in Chiang Mai (possibly in Thailand) and is great for a fun day out when you fancy a bit of a break from all the culture the city has to offer and want to blow off some steam!

It’s not just trampolining!

50Fly Trampoline Park Chiang Mai has a lot more to offer than just bouncing around on a solitary trampoline. Instead the park is divided into zones so you can choose from a range of activities to enjoy. The main room is a huge free jumping zone, entirely filled with trampolines. Yes, you can bounce from wall to wall here and never hit the floor; just make sure to try and avoid everyone else who’s doing the same thing!

Elsewhere you can unleash your inner Michael Jordan with a basketball dunking challenge. Use the trampolines to soar through the air and score that critical last-minute basket that wins the game…all in your imagination of course, but still fun!

basketball hoops at the trampoline park in Chiang Mai

Climbers And Ninjas Welcome

If climbing is your thing then there are some great indoor walls here for you to practice your ascent. As an aside though, there are also a ton of great outside climbing spots around Chiang Mai so if this is you then be sure to check them out too.

If you’re going to be visiting the trampoline park with a bunch of friends then the ninja warrior zones might be for you. Battle your buddies and conquer the assault course, all with the added benefit of trampolines to break your fall. Good for both your pride and your health! There’s also the all-time favorite of toddlers everywhere, the sponge cube pool. Dive in, burrow under and generally cause havoc, this is the ultimate opportunity to act like a kid and it’s a hell of a good time!

Trampoline Park Chiang Mai is looking for athletes

While all of this sounds like a lot of fun, there’s actually a more serious side to the trampoline park as well. If you’ve got a real aptitude for gymnastics and trampolining and are staying in Chiang Mai longer-term then talk to the staff here, as 50Fly has professional coaches who are keen to find emerging talent to train up to a high level.

If you’ve always wanted to compete professionally but never knew what sport to choose then maybe this is your chance!

How To Find 50fly Trampoline Park Chiang Mai

The 50Fly trampoline park is located inside Promenada Mall so it’s pretty easy to find. If you ever had to visit the immigration office before its recent move then you already know where that is! The mall itself has seen better days but it’s still a nice (cool) place for a wander, and the opening of the trampoline park will only help to rejuvenate the area.

The park is open 11:00 to 21:00 daily (opening 10:00 on weekends) and sessions run from 350 baht an hour.  

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