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Krapao Avocado: Hipsters Meet Thai Cuisine in Bangkok

Krapao Avocado: Hipsters Meet Thai Cuisine in Bangkok

It’s Literally Everywhere Now: Krapao Avocado is Happening in Bangkok

Avocado is quickly becoming the world’s favorite health food. It has been lauded as a super food in major western countries and features on millions of restaurant menus. It’s the reason millennials can’t afford to buy houses. Now there’s a Bangkok restaurant dedicated to it, and they’ve even created Krapao Avocado.

Smashed avocado on toast. Avocado shakes. Simple avocado salads. Everyone loves it and everyone can’t get enough of it. If you get the chance to visit the Ari café Oh! Vacoda (get it?) then you won’t be able to escape it. Avocado features in almost everything on this menu.

Opened on Soi Ari Samphan 4, the restaurant is run by two avocado obsessives. There’s a plentiful menu (maybe not enough to classify as a full restaurant) but there’s one dish that stands above the rest.

inventors of the famous krapao avocado

Time for a Change

Tired of just scooping a half of avocado and dumping it next to salad, they decided to see what other ideas they could come up with. It seems that half the Thai population are happy eating avocado while the other half find it too bland and greasy, or lian in Thai. This cool café’s aim is to use it in more Bangkok style dishes and see if everyone can be converted.

Krapao Avocado is The Star of the Show

The dish that people are flocking to try is a new version of a Thai classic. Krapao is savory with a chili kick that’s served with lots of Thai basil, and it’s a staple with the local population. We can vouch for the fact that it’s incredibly tasty to boot! So, to add an avocado side to their menu, the restaurant has used it deep fried in spiced breadcrumbs with crispy Thai basil. Plus, it comes with the classic Krapao side of a fried egg to add that extra layer of richness. It’ll set you back 190 baht, making it a very expensive krapao but it sure will be tasty.

You won’t find any guacamole or the usual avocado fare here. The owners have admitted to being bored of it. Instead the only other savory dish you’ll discover here is pancakes and bacon with avocado mixed into the batter. Instead of further savory dishes you’ll find avocado teas, coffees, drinks and desserts. The avoothie (Avocado Smoothie obviously) is mixed with citrus fruits and will leave you wanting more.

krapao avocado dish

When it comes to the restaurant itself, it’s very bright and colorful. Think of a cutesy K-Pop video and you’re part way there! There’s pastel orange and a fair slather of neon signage. The wall art, painted and drawn by local artists, is a nice touch and homage to the local area. The menu is ever expanding with more drinks and dishes being added all the time. If the forthcoming plates are anything like the avocado Krapao then diners are in for a treat!

How to Get to Oh! Vacado

The best way to get to Oh! Vacado is to take a short motorbike taxi from the Ari BTS. Failing that it’s only a 15-minute walk from the station to Soi Ari Samphan 4. Visit any time between 10am to 10pm.

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