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How to Play the Baseball Drinking Game: Beer Pong + Flip Cup!

How to Play the Baseball Drinking Game: Beer Pong + Flip Cup!

How to Play the Baseball Drinking Game (It’s a mess!)

You’ve played beer pong, so now learn how to play baseball (Beer Pong + Flip Cup). No stay at Bodega Bangkok is complete without a few rounds of our favorite games, beer pong and flip cup. They get messy pretty quickly and end up in a good time, every time.

But now we’ve taken drinking games to the next level with something that combines the best in both those games and gets you totally fucked up- drinking baseball! Here’s how the drinks go down!  

baseball drinking game at Bodega Hostels
The Setup

If you know the rules of baseball then you’re already well ahead. One batting team, one fielding team, and you take it in turns to play until you get three outs at which point the teams switch. Sound simple? It is, but it’s the getting out that’s the fun part!

Start with two teams of four people each at either end of long table. Set four cups in a straight line at each end, coming away from the edge of the table at right-angles. These are your bases and you should protect them at all costs!

Those four cups now need to be filled to varying degrees, because the point is to get drunk, isn’t it? The cup furthest away from you represents 1st base so fill it one quarter full. The next nearest cup represents second base so you should fill it half-way; you get the picture. The cup closest to the end of the table is a home run and that sucker should be full to the brim!

Finally put three extra cups down the long side of the table. These are your additional bases that you can ‘steal’ and it all helps to get the drinks flowing. Fill these cups as full as you like!

Beer Pong First

When you’re ready to play, grab a ping pong ball and get going. One team will be ‘at bat’ and will kick off the throwing. Just like baseball, they’ll stay at bat until three team members are out at which point the opposing team gets their revenge!

This first bit of the game is pure beer pong. You’re trying to throw your ball into the other teams’ cups, so aim carefully. If you hit a cup then they have to drink the contents of that cup, plus all the other cups below it- so if you hit the ‘home run’ cup right at the far end of the table then they have to drink all four cups and then refill them. Do that, it’s fun to watch them struggle! Each team member in the at bat team gets three tries, or strikes, at getting their ball into one of the cups. If they fail within three attempts then they’re out, and the next team member has a go.

Flip Cup Later

So far so good- we’re enjoying a game of beer pong. But now the flip cup comes in! Once a player gets their ball into a cup they are effectively ‘on’ that base. So, if you hit the second cup in the line-up, you’d be on second base. Go stand by the corresponding cup that you lined up along the edge of the table because it’s time for you to run the bases! If another member of your team also makes it on base in the same turn then you can move forward the same number of cups as they hit. So, if you’re on second and they hit the first base cup, you can move forward to third.

baseball drinking game at Bodega Phuket Party Resort

So, what’s the point of being on base? Stealing, of course! Once you’re on base you can steal a base at any point that the cups are full. The defending team has to provide a team player to play against you, and you’d better be on point because if you lose, you’re out. This is now classic flip cup- down the drink, put the cup upside down on the edge of the table and flip it back upright again. If you win, you advance a base. If you lose then you’re out.How does the game end?

Officially we’re going to say that the game ends after nine innings, like a real baseball game. But will you make it through nine innings? Like fuck you will! But that’s not the point because it’s the taking part (and drinking a shitload) that counts! To be honest the game ends whenever we roll out on one of our almost-daily pub crawls so I wouldn’t worry about keeping score too much, you’ll never remember in the morning anyway…

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