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the best meditation retreats in Phuket for backpackers

The Best Meditation Retreats in Phuket to Find Inner Peace

Meditation Retreats in Phuket: Euphoric Relaxation

Phuket holidays and trips are usually aimed at one of two styles of enjoyment- relaxation or partying. Obviously, there are plenty more ways of enjoying the Land of Smiles but this article in particular is going to focus on the relaxing side of things and specifically, the best meditation retreats in Phuket.

Meditation can provide a wide variety of benefits and health boosting properties. People complete meditative tasks for difference purposes. Some aim to achieve spiritual meaning and fulfillment. Some aim to use the breathing techniques to better their sporting and athletic prowess. Most are likely looking to simply relax, unwind and reduce their stress and anxiety.

There are hundreds of different places in Phuket that offer meditation, relaxation and yoga techniques. The following list is what we here at Bodega believe to be the best meditation retreats in Phuket.

Thanyapura Health

The Thanyapura Health centre offers a whole host of what they call mind training sessions. Their well-trained staff offer a series of sessions and courses with the aim of achieving mental balance and improving your understanding of the core areas of your mind: Attention, Emotion, Cognition and Conation.

Cost: If you’re staying at the resort then some classes are included. They also offer sports day passes for 700 baht a day. For 2000 baht you’ll be able to have a private meditation session with a lead practitioner.

Classes: Introductory classes are available Monday to Friday at 11:00, daily open meditation classes at 8:00 every day. A weekly guided meditation class on Monday afternoons at 14:00.

Dharana Meditation and Retreat Centre

The Dharana openly claims to be one of the best meditation experiences in the whole of Southeast Asia. It’s a big claim but well founded. They offer relaxing breaks at their resort alongside a retreat-style program. You’ll be able to take part in meditation classes, yoga and, for those requiring it, counselling services.

Cost: A 4 day retreat will set you back 12,500 baht but there are completely free options we go through below.

Classes: The centre offers free meditation classes to all those interested in learning the practice at 11:00 on Tuesdays and from 19:00 on Thursdays. It’s well worth a visit. The teacher, Tobi, has been running workshops and learning his own craft for over 15 years.

CC’s Hideaway

Set ideally near Kata Beach, a visit to CC’s Hideaway won’t force you to travel far and it works excellently if you’re looking to spend some but not all of your holiday relaxing. Their morning classes are combined yoga and meditation set-ups, meaning that both your mind and body will be relaxed. Alongside individual classes you can take part in a whole retreat, receive wellness massages or even train as a yoga instructor yourself.

Cost: A drop in class will cost you 325 baht but you can buy in bulk to receive a discount. 875 baht gets you 3 classes and 2500 baht will get you 10. If you’re hanging around for longer than the 3500 baht unlimited option might be for you.

Classes: There are 3 different classes put on every day with more in between. Meditation is involved in some way with most types of yoga but the early morning Hatha yoga classes will focus specifically on meditation for a good portion of the class.

Bodega Phuket Insider Tip

Don’t be afraid to try a variety of places. You’ll eventually find an instructor that you gel with and you’ll be relaxed, have a clear mind and feeling peaceful before you know it. Namaste.

the best meditation retreats in Phuket, Thailand